Solar Lighting Technology

8 Youlumi Core Technology, leading the intelligent future of solar street light.

Smart Integration Design

All in one design with adjustable solar panel, maximum efficiency of solar energy.

MPPT Solar Controller

High-efficiency intelligent power regulation & Temperature Control.

High-Luminous Efficiency LED

Use Bridgelux or Cree led chip, single led chip efficiency up to 210lm/w, the whole lamp efficiency up to 180lm/w

Professional Light distribution

Multiple optical designs to meet different lighting scenarios, TYPE II, III, IV, V.

High-efficiency solar panels

Use Motech solar cell, more than 19.6% transfer efficiency.

LiFePO4 Battery Management

Charge & Discharge efficiency up to 95-98%, more than 2000times'cycles, 15years lifespan.

Wireless Control System

Allows all the solar street lights to wirelessly communicate by PC or APP

Multi-control Mode Management

5 working modes for choice, one-touch remote control switches.

Product Categories

Solar Street Light

Energy saving

LED Corn Lights

50000hours endurance

Red Light Therapy

For skin and body

LED Working Lights

High Efficiency

Energy Battery

Solve Sky-high energy charge

LED Ambient Lighting​

Shine at the party
Play Video about vedio image

Who Need the Red Light Therapy

For Skin Rejuvenation
 Can help you Smooth skin.It is great for rough skin,wrinkle on the face and neck, improve skin.

For Pain

Relief Family Gift,Parents and Elderly Needs-relieve pain in all parts of your body.

For Energy

Boost Energy, Better Sports Performance, Helps Build Muscle, Increases Strength.

Industries We Illuminate

Solar Lights


We provide multi in one solar street light with built-in lithium battery, which is suitable for all kinds of outdoor lighting.


LED Therapy Belt


Red light therapy is used in medical, dermatological, and rehabilitation clinics all across the globe.


Full body LED Light Therapy Device


It is great for rough skin,wrinkle on the face and neck, improve skin, relieve pain in all parts of your body.


RGB Light strips


It is a perfect choice for theme park, hotel, home, exhibition, business and art lighting. It will create rich atmosphere effects for people’s life


Red Light therapy


Most popular applications for red Therapy Light is in the management of arthritic symptoms, sacroiliac pain, ageing stiffness, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia and ACL repair.


LED Ballon Lihgt


We manufactures LED work lights for any construction application and environment.
Whether paving operations, bridge construction, flagging stations, tunnel construction or mining.We have the right system for you.