5 Reasons Why the Flexble Is the Ultimate Dock Light

Docks and warehouses are bustling hubs of industrial activity and transportation. Maintaining the flow of traffic is important for smooth and efficient operations. While many factors contribute to improved or lost productivity, proper lighting (or lack thereof) is one of the most significant.

5 Reasons Why the Flexble Is the Ultimate Dock Light

When Youlumi launched the Flexble Dock-Light at the end of 2021, we were confident that its innovative features would help to increase productivity. A lot went into making the Flexble the #1 dock light, but these top 5 features in particular set it apart from the rest.

#1. Sturdy Arm

The Flexble’s arm design is crafted to provide better longevity, stability and versatility. Users can expect an impressive range of motion when positioning the Flexble’s head. The flexible yet sturdy arm allows users more freedom to movie the fixture into positions that best fit their needs – and will remain in place indefinitely.

#2. Bi-Level Dimming

A new bi-level dimming feature allows the Flexble to operate in high and low illumination modes. The ability to choose between the two brightness options means workers can adjust the light intensity depending on the size of the truck and personal preference.

#3. Ambient Temperature

Dock lights are often installed close to the elements, so ensuring the Flexble could perform well in these locations long term was critical. The Flexble boasts an allowable ambient operating temperature range of -40 C to +40 C. With an increased low and high end temperature threshold, the Flexble can operate in a greater range of climates.

#4. Voltage Capabilities

The Flexble has expanded input voltage capabilities and can operate at both 120V (NEMA 5-15 plug) as well as 100-277V (pigtail). A greater range of voltage compatibility gives customers more flexibility and freedom to install the Flexble at their local or standard warehouse voltage.

#5. Compact Durable Design

Constructed of thermally conductive plastic housing, the Flexble’s head is both lightweight and effective at dissipating heat. The compact design keeps the fixture out of the way during operations and even swings away upon impact. Plus, cooler operating temperatures mean a longer lifetime for the LEDs.

What’s your favorite Flexble feature? Let us know!

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