Advantages of Solar Light

Solar power light is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar power is a kind of inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly new energy resources. The solar street light is one of the applications of solar power.The use of solar power for illuminating streets and other public places is getting popular day by day. It has become a dependable source of lighting streets around the globe. There are multiple benefits of using solar street light fixtures, like conservation of energy, use of a conventional source of energy, and less dependence on the national grid. Tropical countries that receive ample sunlight most time of the year can be highly benefited from this source of light.Solar street lights are water-resistance and weatherproof and have a low glare and low insect attrition rate. The solar panels in these lights convert solar energy into electrical energy that gets stored in the inbuilt battery and is utilized for dusk-to-dawn lighting operations.Solar street light has the advantages of stability, long service life, simple installation, safety, great performance and energy conservation. This kind of light can be widely installed in urban roads, living districts, factories, tourist attractions and parking lots.

System structure:

The solar power light is composed of solar cell module, some LED lamps, control box (the control box is equipped with charger, controller and battery) and lamp pole. The solar panel has a high efficiency of 127Wp/m2, which is very beneficial to the wind resistance design of the system; In the lamp cap part, 1W white LED and 1W yellow LED are integrated on the printed circuit board to form a lattice with a certain spacing as the plane light source. The control box is made of stainless steel, beautiful and durable; The maintenance free lead-acid battery is placed in the control box and the special charging controller for solar street lamps is successfully developed using the patented slow pulse fast charging and discharging technology. The system uses valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery, which is also called “maintenance free battery” because of its little maintenance, which is conducive to reducing system maintenance costs; The design of the charge and discharge controller gives consideration to the complete functions (including light control, time control, overcharge protection, over discharge protection and reverse connection protection) and cost control, so as to achieve a high cost performance ratio.

solar street light

Operating Principle:

Solar led lights is an electric lamp that is converted into electric energy by solar panel. In the daytime, even on cloudy days, the solar generator (solar panel) can collect and store solar energy. As a safe and environment-friendly new electric lamp, solar led lights has been paid more and more attention. The working principle of solar lamp is simple. The solar cell made by the principle of photovoltaic effect receives solar radiation energy during the day and converts it into electrical energy output. It is stored in the battery through the charge and discharge controller. At night, the illumination gradually decreases to about 101ux, and the open circuit voltage of the solar panel is about 4.5V, The charge and discharge controller acts after detecting this voltage value, and the battery discharges the lamp cap. After the battery is discharged for 8.5h, the charge and discharge control will act and the battery discharge is completed. The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.


The solar led light, which belongs to the technical field of lamps, can be widely used for ornament and decoration on grass, squares, parks and other occasions. The lamp cover is mainly used to connect the bottom bracket. The battery panel is placed on the battery box and embedded in the lamp cover. The battery box is installed on the bottom bracket. The LED is installed on the battery panel. The solar panel uses wires to connect the rechargeable battery and the control circuit. The utility model has the advantages of integrated, simple, compact and reasonable structure; No external power cord, easy to use and install, beautiful appearance; Since the light emitting diode is arranged in the bottom bracket, the whole lamp body is illuminated after emitting light, and the light perception effect is better; All electrical components are built-in and have good practicability. It includes snake lights, plate lights, solar neon lights, massage lights, etc.

In practice, of course, solar outdoor lighting is a little more complex. In addition to large capacity batteries and solar panels, the system also includes advanced special monitors. When the lighting is stopped, the solar power battery starts to charge, and then gets more power when it is recharged. The key is that solar outdoor lighting and solar photovoltaic houses are equipped with solar panels, which have a dedicated microprocessor control system and batteries. It is connected to specially designed load lamps equipped with super reflectivity and high energy ballasts. The utility model has the advantages of high brightness, simple installation, reliable operation, no cable laying, no conventional energy consumption, long service life, etc. It is designed with high brightness LED, without manual operation, and the lamps will automatically light up in the dark and turn off in the morning. The solar led light have a strong sense of fashion, bright texture, fine and modern. They are mainly used for the lighting decoration of green belts in residential areas, industrial parks, tourist scenic spots, parks, courtyards, square green spaces and other places.

solar street light


1、Simple installation

The installation of street solar light is simple and convenient without complicated new wiring. It only needs a concrete base and a battery pit. The installation doesn’t need a lot of labor forces, materials and financial resources.


2、Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly

The street solar light light converts the sunlight into electricity without electricity consumption. It produces no pollution and no radiation, which conforms to the present environmental protection concept.


3、Safe and durable

The traditional street light may have hidden safety hazards due to construction quality, material aging and power supply disorder; while the solar street light does not utilize the alternating current so that it will not have hidden safety hazards. Nowadays, most solar modules in the market have stable performance for at least ten years due to the mature manufacturing technology. They can generate electricity for twenty-five years or even longer.


4、High technology and low maintenance costs

Regulated by solar charge controller, the solar street light can adjust the light intensity according to the natural brightness and people’s demand. In the remote regions, the maintenance cost for traditional street light is high. However, the solar street light only needs cyclical inspection, thus the maintenance cost is relatively low.

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