Application of solar body sensing street lamp in reality

The energy problem is a worldwide problem.Now the resources used by the earth are gradually lacking in people’s continuous     development and utilization, and the growing population increases the demand for energy. 

However, in this process, the relationship between resource utilization and environmental protection should be coordinated. solar outdoor lightingenergy as a skill of environmental protection and “inexhaustible” new energy has been applied in practice. According to the situation of our country and the actual use of the environment, the technology of solar street lamp is getting better and better. On the rise

solar street lights

Under the GNP, we must constantly improve people’s working and living conditions. Solar outdoor lighting energy products, outdoor lighting solar photovoltaic power generation, outdoor lighting solar lamps, and lanterns have been developed, and these solar energy products are the most widely used in rural China, solving the rural night lighting and some basic electrical problems. The use of solar street lights saves the cost of setting up municipal power lines.

solar street light

In China, because  solar led street lightstreet lamps are widely used in rural areas, the production and selection of various accessories of  solar led street lightstreet lamps should be consistent with the local environmental conditions. 

Only in this way can the  solar led street lightstreet lamps give full play to their maximum efficiency. Environmental factors are an important condition. Now most solar street lamps use controllers to adjust the lighting time and power of solar street lamps. However, the environmental weather cannot be controlled. Another example is the late dawn of a winter morning, when the solar street lights go out at the preset time. 

So there’s something about this system that’s not flexible enough, that’s not smart enough. So according to the brightness of the sky to control the solar street lamp, you can also control the solar street lamp through the human body induction. This can make the use of solar street lamps much closer to the actual environment, more scientific, more intelligent.

led street light

And solar street lamps generally use infrared induction module +PMW control to do. For the thermal stage sensitivity, can detect the thermal radiation of the human body, simply put, just like the sound and light controller in the corridor, it is a principle, plus the stepless dimming, intelligent street lamp. 

there is a single chip control, by adjusting through adjusting the duty ratio, that is, PWM to control the brightness, the lamp bead is the use of environmental protection LED lamp bead. However, it should only be applied to the area where people walk. It should not be applied to the road. 

The speed is too fast and the system perception distance is limited. If it is to be used in driving, multiple PIR sensors and LDR sensors can be used together for fast vehicles. But for now, I’m going to focus on human sensors rather than sensors used in vehicles. 

  1. For human body induction best solar outdoor lightingstreet lamp induction distance can be selected according to the installation interval of best solar outdoor lightingstreet lamp sensor induction distance, even if the distance can be sensitive, can achieve the most humanized requirements.
  2. Fully waterproof design: the upper plate buckle plate design, built-in waterproof sealing rubber ring
  3. Convenient installation: height is recommended 2-3 meters, night measurement * lighting range of 20 square meters The pinhole waterproof switch is used to activate the intelligent permanent (pinhole switch, marked with the small hole ON.OFF, in the dark environment, prick the small hole with the activation needle, and it will be bright for a while) 
  4. Infrared human sensor: right to the sensor lamp, the distance is made as required.
solar street lights

Working process of solar body induction lamp:

1, there is sunlight during the day to charge, the ideal state for 8-10 hours of charging, placement requirements set

2, night lamp automatically starts bright mode

3, when someone passes by trigger infrared induction device, the lamp automatically opens strong bright mode, strong light generally lasts 30 seconds

4, when people leave the induction range, the lamp automatically turns to bright mode solar energy as recyclable energy, Safety, environmental protection and inexhaustible. At present, many places in life have already adopted the effect of solar energy, such as solar water heaters, and solar charging banks……

The full listing of the solar body sensor lamp not only brings great convenience to people’s lives, but also greatly saves the development of energy.

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