Functions and Usages of Corn Cob Lights

Have you been considering making a switch to LED corn light bulbs? If so, follow the ultimate guide to LED corn light bulbs. If these types of lights are a new concept to you, here’s a brief background. LED corn light bulbs have the name they do because of their appearance. They simply resemble corn on the cob. 

Lines of square light diodes are on the sides of the tube. The cob has anywhere from 80 to 108 LED lights. The numbers of these lights are dependent on the size and style of the bulb. An LED corn light is designed to replace HID lamps and traditional metal halide bulbs. You’ll most commonly find these in street lighting, stadium lighting, and parking lots.

led corn light bulbs


Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of LED lighting. LED lighting has increased in its popularity over the recent years. There are several different reasons behind this. The main reason is their easy installation. Easy installation means less time and, therefore, less money spent on your lighting. 

Another benefit is that they have lower replacement costs and are more energy efficient than metal halide bulbs. With a lifespan of 25 years, they are much easier and less expensive to use.

Correct Base

There are two types of bases for a corn bulb. It’s essential you choose the correct base for your decided use. These bases include E26 and E39.

E26 Base Bulbs

These bases are a Medium Edison Screw or 1-inch Edison Screw. It’s the standard base for most of these bulbs. The number 26 indicates the diameter of the base in mm, and the E stands for Edison. These common and standard bases are for 120-volt bulbs, which is why you’ll most commonly find these in homes.

E39 Base Bulbs

These bases are referred to as Mogul Edison Screw or Goliath Edison Screw. Similarly, the E is for Edison, and the 39 is the diameter of the base. E39 base bulbs are special because of their wide usage for industrial or farming purposes. Chances are, most factories, barns, or warehouses near you use E39 base bulbs. This is because it is for bulbs with 250 wattage.

Color Considerations

Corn bulbs are available in different colors. Colors can largely affect the atmosphere of a room or outdoor space. Choose wisely, and enjoy the way LED colors can benefit your space. These colors include:

3000K LED bulbs: These put off a warm white color. Houses and restaurants benefit from this color of bulb. This is because of the softer and more relaxing environment it contributes to.

4000K LED bulbs: This is a white, natural light that replicates daylight. For this reason, it’s a great option for businesses or other work areas to use.

5000K LED bulbs: This is a bright, while light best used for large spaces and outdoors. This can include stadiums.

Avoid colors any higher in rating because they can be dangerous for the environment and humans as well. The American Medical Association stated that colors 5700K and 6500K’s blue light interferes with melatonin production. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them in general.


LED corn bulbs work from 100 to 277V AC and 300 to 480 AC. Ensure your safety and use recommended voltages of corn bulbs: 120 volts, 208 volts, 220 volts, 240 volts, and 277 volts. Take the time to find the right fit for your specific space. With so many options, it’s worth slowing down and taking time to contemplate the decision.

Functions and Usages of Corn Cob Lights

Corn lights produce flicker-free, unwavering, pleasant light that can be used for any high-intensity setting- indoor as well as outdoor. Youlumi corn lights come in various base sizes- E26 and E39. Most light fixtures can be retrofitted with corn lights by using screw-in sockets. Installing corn lights is easy; just screw them into the socket as you do with light bulbs.

Corn lights can be used in any place that requires high Lumens output, such as:

  • Highway Lighting
  • Interior High Bay lamps
  • Street Lights
  • Post Top Lights
  • Bollard Pathway Lighting
  • Exterior Wall Packs

Sometimes, corn lights may be too heavy for horizontal mounting. In that case, a thin wire may be needed for additional support. Vertical mountings are hassle-free. Just check the casing of your light fixture and match with corn light specifications. Corn lights come in a range of wattages between 18W and 58W (capable of replacing HID lamps between 70W and 250W).

Advantages of Corn Lights

High Energy Output

Corn lights are extremely energy efficient. Their Lumens output is much more compared to traditional lights (almost 10 times more). Electro-optical conversion is nearly 100%, almost nil wastage. Plus, they work satisfactorily in low voltage areas and even in places experiencing wide voltage fluctuations.

Longer Life

LED lights are known to last way longer than incandescent and halide lamps. Corn lights have been called “long life lamps” owing to their robust and light structure, presence of epoxy resin, no loose parts, and shorter replacement history. Unlike incandescent bulbs, there’s no fragile filament that burns in high voltage. Corn lights suffer no fading of light output and no abrupt dying out even after prolonged usage.


Corn lights are safe for the environment also. They produce no ultraviolet rays and minimal infrared light. Heat and radiation dissipation is negligible. Also, LED lights contain no toxic material like mercury. So, they can be disposed of without worries. LED lights also produce no glare, and hence no “blue” pollution. Cold light sources like LED are safe to handle and completely recyclable. Owing to all these benefits, corn lights are termed “green” light source.

Unlimited Upgrades

Computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, and embedded control technology renders corn lights a superior lighting option. Its flexible features and unlimited up gradation options give it an unbeatable edge. LED lights are low voltage microelectronic products that are better than traditional monochromatic light sources.

In general, there is a lack of awareness about the benefits and versatility of corn lights. Our aim is to bridge this knowledge gap and provide a great lighting option for all kinds of projects. Brandon’s Ultra-Wide 360° Light Distribution corn lights will prove to be a wise investment.

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