RGB Hoop Light Hanging lighting solution for outdoor decorative lights, and party light. Youlumi RGB Hoop Light READ MORE RGB Hoop Light RGBIC rock lights deliver powerful, ambient lighting. Each of the ten hoop lights is glow 270° RGBIC Hoop Light READ MORE RGB Hoop Light it's equipped with WIFI/ Bluetooth and can be controlled remotely with the (free)Tuya app Two Color Decorative Light READ MORE RGB string light One-of-a-kind party light that uses ten hoop lights with an RGBIC controller RGB Party Light READ MORE

The Best RGB Ambient Lights at Unbeatable Prices

Youlumi, the leading RGB Hoop String Lights manufacturer, offers unparalleled pricing. Our commitment to providing competitive rates ensures that our dealers enjoy substantial profits, while our customers relish the finest products. Whether you prefer wholesale or immediate purchase, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Illuminate Your Space with Enchanting Youlumi RGB Hoop Lights


Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting allure of Youlumi RGB hoop lights. With their gentle, rounded look, these lights surpass mere aesthetics, serving as exquisite hanging lighting solutions for outdoor decorations and unforgettable party experiences. Comprising ten hoop lights and ten hooks, they effortlessly adorn any desired location.

Application Scenario: Bluetooth LED Lights


Prepare to be amazed by the ingenious design of our Bluetooth LED lights. Equipped with advanced WIFI/Bluetooth technology, these lights can be conveniently controlled remotely through the (free) Tuya app. This app offers a wide range of features that enable easy customization of your lighting mood. For added convenience, it seamlessly pairs with the 2.4G Beacon remote control. To discover more about this remarkable app, please reach out to our manufacturer.

Revolutionizing Outdoor Ambient Lighting with Hoop String Lights


Hoop string lights have revolutionized the world of outdoor ambient lighting, casting a luminous glow that brightens any space, day or night. Experience the transformative power of this overhead lighting solution that adds an enchanting touch to any environment.

Elevate Your Parties with Youlumi RGB Rock Lights


Are you tired of lackluster party environments? Do your party lights fail to impress? Youlumi RGB rock lights are the answer to your woes. These exceptional Bluetooth LED lights offer over 16 million color options and can be effortlessly controlled through your mobile phone’s app. With their newly designed round appearance, they are a rare gem in the market, capable of turning any ordinary party into a spectacle of brilliance and joy.

Unleash the Vibrancy of RGB Rock Lights for Memorable Events


RGB rock lights find their place in a variety of settings, from homes to hotels, KTV evenings to yard lights, outdoor string lights to gatherings, and indoor decorations with music. These lights infuse your surroundings with vibrant energy, instantly creating an ambiance that immerses you in passionate moments. In addition to their regular event lighting capabilities, they boast exceptional waterproofing and offer a broader spectrum of colors compared to other event lights, making them the perfect choice for any event.

Create Stunning Outdoor Spaces with RGBIC Rock Lights


Prepare for the breathtaking power of Youlumi RGBIC rock lights, which deliver a powerful and ambient illumination experience. Each of the ten hoop lights emits a radiant glow of 270 degrees, allowing for individual color settings to suit every occasion. With their exquisite ring ambient string light design, complemented by a 33.46ft matt black cable (including 10 hanging hooks), these lights create an ethereal halo effect that seems to float weightlessly in the darkness. Hanging them from trees or other structures is effortless thanks to the ten handy hook systems.

Made from PVC and Silica gel, our RGB ambient lights are specifically designed for outdoor use, offering exceptional resistance to UV rays and inclement weather. With a waterproof power supply and controller (rated IP65), once installed, you can simply forget about them. Let the silicone shell’s excellent waterproof performance alleviate any concerns, making them the ideal choice for illuminating your beautiful garden, enhancing your camping experiences, or adding magic to your picnics. Embrace the colorful wonders of life with over sixteen million available color changes.

Your Trusted Partner in Decorative Lighting


As the best hoop light company, Youlumi takes pride in providing exceptional decorative lighting solutions. Our RGB ambient lights are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, ensuring unmatched quality and performance. As a trusted partner, we are committed to delivering products that exceed expectations, offering unparalleled customer satisfaction. With our unique patent and unbeatable profit margins, Youlumi stands as the sole provider of this extraordinary RGB light in the market. Contact us now to explore the endless possibilities of our innovative lighting solutions.

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