Integrated solar street lights are not afraid of wind and rain

On the way home from work at night, propping up my tired body, the street lights are the lighting for me to go home. However, when I encounter a sudden power outage or a power outage caused by road repairs, the street lights do not light up. That section of the road is particularly dark, and my footsteps will unconsciously accelerate. At this time, I will think about how good my company YouLumi’s integrated solar street lights are!

YouLumi's integrated solar street lights

The integrated solar street light is a combination of integrated solar panels, control panels, lamp beads, and switches. It is not afraid of rain, sunlight, and wind, and is easy to install, stable, durable, and safe. It does not require additional power connection. It relies on solar energy to power the battery and automatically turns on and off at regular times, making it convenient for management and maintenance.

How to Install a 45mm Solar Light Pole

If integrated solar street lights are used, there is no need to worry about sudden power outages and power outages caused by road repairs, which may cause street lights to malfunction at night and inconvenience travel.

The solar panel front of the solar street light

Moreover, adopting integrated solar street lights not only eliminates the need for power outages and road repairs, but also simplifies the installation process, reduces implementation costs, saves resources, and is environmentally friendly.

The front of the bead of a solar street light

Integrated solar street lights are not afraid of wind and rain. For more information, welcome to learn!

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