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As a home battery backup manufacturer, Youlumi focuses on developing high-quality, cost-effective batteries for home energy storage, and has complete home energy storage solutions, and microgrid solutions.

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“ Battery Energy Storage System will become the core of home Energy Storage ”


Home battery storage

Whether it’s a serious storm during your regular routine or an important social event or off-site project, sometimes the power just can’t go out. With Youlumi’s collection of standby generators and portable generators, it doesn’t have to.

Keep essential home devices like refrigerators, freezers, fans, electric stoves, and sump pumps up and running during emergencies or power outages with a standby generator on duty. Invaluable to construction sites, portable generators, inverters, and inverter generators offer the power needed to get the job done, whether it’s cutting with a circular saw, using an air compressor to nail down boards, or securing pieces into place with an electric drill. Portable generators and standby generators alike can be essential components for successful sporting events, recreational activities, and social soirees like carnivals and festivals where bright reliable light is required and food and beverages need to stay cold–or grilled to perfection.

BESS gaining popularity

All types of Battery Energy Storage Systems offer pros and cons in terms of capacity, discharge duration, energy density, safety, environmental risk, and overall cost. However, Li-Ion batteries are by far the most widely used in BESS systems these days.

Decreasing costs

A major factor in the rapid increase in the use of BESS technology has been a 50% decrease in the costs of energy storage over the last two years. While costs are still high compared to grid electricity, the cost of energy storage has actually been plummeting for the last 20 years.

Storage systems at the utility customer level can also result in significant savings to businesses through smart grid and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) initiatives, where cars, homes, and businesses are potential stores, suppliers, and users of electricity.

Security of supply

Storage technologies are also popular because they improve energy security by optimizing energy supply and demand, reducing the need to import electricity via interconnectors, and also reducing the need to continuously adjust generation unit output.

In addition, BESS can provide system security by supplying energy during electricity outages, minimizing the disruption and costs associated with power cuts.

Financial incentives

Many governments and utility regulators are actively encouraging the development of battery storage systems with financial incentives, which is likely to lead to further growth.

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