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Best Options for Retrofitting Shoebox Parking Lot Lighting

Nobody wants to walk across a parking lot with poor lighting and large pools of darkness. If this describes your parking lot, it’s well past time to upgrade. Optimizing your shoebox lights improves security, visibility, and safety for both employees and customers.

Now, you might be thinking that this means you have to completely replace all of your traditional light fixtures. Not necessarily. If your fixtures are in good shape, all you need to do is retrofit them with LED HID retrofit kit.

What Are Shoebox Light Fixtures?

LED Shoebox Retrofit Kits (Parking Lot Lights Retrofit Kits) are designed to retrofit 16-inch and 23-inch shoebox lights. These Retrofitting Kits replace either metal halide or high-pressure sodium bulbs and ballasts with LED components. These components will last a long time and are warranted for 5 years. They provide all the same benefits as LED fixtures and allow you to keep your existing shoebox fixture.

Traditionally, parking lot lights were more square in shape (as seen in the image to the left) and used HID bulbs. Newer LED shoebox lights use integrated LEDs, have a more streamlined appearance, and have improved energy efficiency over traditional fixtures. We can provide a lighting plan if you would like to see how well these work.

Why Retrofit Parking Lot Lights with LEDs?

Retrofitting a shoebox fixture with an LED retrofit provides a variety of benefits and advantages. Due to their energy efficiency, LED retrofits reduce energy costs. They also last far longer than traditional lighting for reduce maintenance costs. Unlike older lighting technologies, LEDs don’t loose part of their light output to heat, making them brighter overall. This greatly improves visibility and safely.

The biggest benefit of retrofitting with LEDs this they don’t require ballasts. The ballast, capacitor, and starter must be removed from the fixture before using the retrofit. This eliminates any ballast compatibility issues and maintenance costs. It also reduces the overall wattage of the fixtures.

Because these shoebox retrofit kits are LED, you should expect the same energy savings that you would from converting HID to LED. These kits are designed to replace 250-watt, 400-watt, and 1000-watt metal halide bulbs.

How Long Do Shoebox LED Retrofit Kits Last?

They are designed to operate as long as any LED Fixture. As long as you follow the included instructions, and your fixture is water-proof, these shoebox retrofit kits will last 10+ years under normal operating conditions without the need for any maintenance.

Important Hint !

Check Size Before Buying: When selecting any retrofit option for commercial parking lot lights, make sure to check the dimensions of the bulb or kit components. LED lamps can vary in size, with higher wattage options being fairly large. We strongly recommend measuring the inside of your existing fixtures so you know how much space is available.

Check the Burn Position: Be sure to verify the burn position of the lamp. Burn position is the position in which the lamp is designed to operate. When used in the correct position, lamps will operate at peak performance and safety. Using a lamp in the incorrect position can operate less efficiently. The most common burn positions are:

Horizontal – bulb can be used in a horizontal position, which is the most common position for shoebox fixtures.

Vertical – bulb can be used in a vertical position. This is often broken down as either Base Up or Base Down.

Universal – bulb can be used at any angle.

Whether you go with bulbs or a full retrofit kit, youlumi.com has the right retrofit options for your parking lot lights. For help choosing the right options for your shoebox fixtures, please contact info@youlumi.com

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