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Focus on red light therapy devices manufacturing, and offer a unique design. FDA, CE certificated. Experienced Supplier Of red light therapy belts and red light therapy hat.Worry-Free Warranty. 10+ Years R&D Experience. OEM/ODM Source Factory.

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As one of the best red light therapy companies, Youlumi offers no premium. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products.

Red light therapy belts

More and more people tend to treat red light therapy at home, youlumi red light therapy devices have strictly tested quality, using medical grade led lights, while using the most fashionable design, giving clients the best red light therapy.

 Youlumi red light therapy belt is specially developed for sports enthusiasts. It also has good efficacy in exercise recovery, pain relief, prevents sports injuries, and weight loss. It’s no doubt that youlumi YL-IRW-004 is the best red light therapy belt.

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Red light therapy hats

Our red and near-infrared light therapy hat is a powerful and effective tool for hair regrowth and preventing unwanted hair loss in both men and women. 

Easy and comfortable to use at home while you work, watch TV, read a book, meditate or relax. All you need is one 15-minute treatment daily to stimulate thicker hair and add density and fullness to your light therapy hats

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As a portable light therapy manufacturer, Youlumi has had wholesale red light therapy for more than 4 years. Please rest assured to buy, our products have passed various safety certifications, You can visit Youlumi Certification or contact us to get more about the certification.youlumi hat certification

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