60W LED portable work light

As the best led working lights manufacturer, Youlumi offers the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products. Whether wholesale or immediate purchase, there is always one that suits your needs.

Top Rated LED Construction Lights and Temporary Work Lights. Built better and Stronger so you can get the job done! Whether it’s a deep mine, a skyscraper, or just a bathroom remodel, we all need temporary lights. Our selection of LED Construction lights is built to exacting commercial-grade standards. Easy to use and carry, they are guaranteed to stay with you for decades to come.  Whether you are deep in a mine, building a skyscraper, or just doing a bathroom model you have to have great temporary lighting.

Choosing premium-grade lights is the only way to go to ensure you start bright and stay bright. Easy to install and easy to transport, these are the ultimate portable LED Lights. These lights take the latest tech in LED Corn light bulbs and build them for construction needs.   Wire guards, cord extenders, fast clips, and more. 

The LED portable work light is a very good choice for temporary construction sites. IP64 rated, linkable up to 15 strings.

Item No. YL-HA13-60W-M-XXK / YL-HA13-60W-M-XXK-L
Input Voltage 100-277Vac / 50~60Hz
Power Cord SJTW 16AWG*3C/ H05RN-F 3G*1.0MM2
Luminous Efficacy(lm/w) >140
IP Rating IP64
Warranty 5 year
THD <20%
Working Lifetime(Hour) 50000
Dimensions??mm/in): D*H 219.5*125mm/8.64″x4.92″
Certificates: ETL
Packing 6 Pcs/ Carton 10.59kg

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