All-In-One Solar Street Light (YL-SSL-DH) Series

(DH) series solar street light series use imported 3030 LED chips. The lumen of this series can go up to 150lm/W, which is 30% higher than similar products.  Added Angle adjustable lamp arm. This solar LED street light (DH) series adopts an independent power box design. Using new LifePo4 battery, long battery life and large capacity, it is very suitable for industrial development zone, industrial and mining enterprises’ street lights, and universities outdoor lighting.

Die-cast aluminum bracket, High mechanical strength, anti-wind resistance of level-16, professional waterproof structure, sealing process treatment, protection level up to IP65.




All-in-One Solar Street Light (H) Specification

Model No.                             YL-SSL-DH-40M                              YL-SSL-DH-60M                              YL-SSL-DH-80M                            YL-SSL-DH-100M

Size in Inches                     34.96x15.59x2.28                        43.70″x15.59″x2.28″                            55.83″x15.59″x2.28″                       61.81″x15.59″x2.28″

Lumens                                        4500LM                                               7200LM                                            9600LM                                               12000LM              

SMD Chips                          3030 SMD 60PCS                          3030 SMD 120PCS                             3030 SMD 180PCS                          3030 SMD 240PCS

Color Temp                               5000-6500K                                     5000-6500K                                      5000-6500K                                      5000-6500K

                                              A: 2H100%+2H70%+8H30%; 

Lighting Mode                 B: 2H(No motion(30%)-Motio (100%))+2H(No motion(30%)-Motion(70%))+8H(No motion(10%)+Motion                                                                     Lighting Mode(30%)Induction lasts for 25 seconds

                                             C: 2H100%+2H70%+8H(No motion(10%)+Motion(30%)+Induction lasts for 25 seconds)

Battery                                   12.8V, 24Ah (LiFePo4)                   12.8V, 30Ah (LiFePo4)                      12.8V, 42Ah (LiFePo4)                    12.8V, 60Ah (LiFePo4)

Solar Panel                                  18V/45W                                              18V/60W                                          18V/80W                                         18V/90W

Working Hours                                                                                                          12H Pernight, 4-6 Rainy Days

Charging Time                                                                                                  7-8H (with enough strong shine by sun

IP                                                                                                                                                  IP65 / IK10

All In One Solar Street Light (DH) Features

High Brightness Chip

• 3030 LED chips, brightness up to 150lm/W. LiFePo4 battery, long lifespan and big capacity.Metal switch, one button start.

Use in Harsh Environments

• Not afraid of thunderstorms, up to 16 typhoon resistance, safe for outdoor use.

Adjustable Angle Lamp Arm

• Taking into account the lighting needs of different roads, Added adjustable angle lamp arm. Different types of light poles are available.

Independent Battery Box Design

• Convenient for battery and controller maintenance, save maintenance costs.

Youlumi All-In-One Solar Street Light Manufacturer

Youlumi factory has advanced production equipment for our all-in-one integrated solar street light. With professional production lines and excellent research and development team, we employ the world’s leading technology. Through international standard management and strict quality control, Youlumi ensures the stability of the performance and quality of our wholesale all-in-one solar street light. As one of the professional all-in-one solar street light suppliers in China, Youlumi can provide cost-effective, energy efficient and long-term outdoor lighting solutions.

Solar Street Lights Q&A

Q1: What is the local average effective sunshine time?

Answer : Solar panels are powered by the sun.It has to take into account the local annual sunshine time, as well as the time when the sun comes out in the morning and sets in the evening.


Although the light at this time can generate electricity, it is not enough to charge the battery. The data obtained from the actual conditions of these three aspects is the local average effective sunshine time.


Q2: How to choose the installation location of LED solar lights?

Answer : LED Solar lights depend on sunlight to generate electricity.So when choosing the installation location, you must pay attention to allowing sunlight to shine on the solar panels as much as possible.


When you encounter trees on the side of the road, try to stay away from the trees when you bulid the foundation.


When you encounter houses in the community that are higher than the light poles, you can consider placing solar panels on the roof and then connecting them to the controller.


Q3: How to design the working days in the continuous rainy days?

Answer : The number of working days of solar street light in continuous rainy day should be compatible with the local climatic conditions.


In general, even if the local rainy season is rare, you should consider that it should not be less than 3 days, otherwise the battery will end its life early due to excessive discharge.


Even if the local rainy season is frequent and long, you should also consider that the number of cloudy and rainy days should not exceed 7 days, otherwise the cost of the whole set of lights will increase a lot.


Recommendation: The number of rainy days can be designed into two levels, 3-5 days and 5-7 days.


If you think the number of rainy days is not enough or even hope that the lights will turn on 365 days without any increase in cost, you must tell us.


All the components of our solar street lights are produced independently (including solar panels, LED lamps, batteries, light poles, controllers).


We will adjust the parameters of the batteries and controllers to achieve your requirements, but the battery life will be shortened accordingly.

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