All In One Solar Street Lights 4000lm ~ 12000lm

As the best all in one solar street lights manufacturer, YouLumi offers the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products.

Lumen: 4000lm / 6000lm / 8000lm / 10000lm / 12000lm

LED Chips: 3030 SMD 120PCS / 160PCS / 200PCS / 240PCS / 280PCS

Color Temp: 5000~6500K Ra ≥ 70

Charging Time: 6-7H (with enough strong shine by sun)

Performance Lighting Time: 12H, 4-6 rainy days




All In One Solar Street Lights 4000 ~ 12000lm



Product Description

As the best solar panel street lights manufacturer, Youlumi offers the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products.

As the 4000lm ~ 12000lm all-in-one solar street light supplier, YouLumi specializes in manufacturing and supplying commercial solar lights. YouLumi’s all-in-one solar street light will certainly help you to face the Sky-high electricity prices.

New solar LED technology that allows the coexistence, of environmental protection and energy saving.

There are many kinds of All In One Solar Street Lights power(lumen), 5 representative ones, the lamp lumens are 4000lm / 6000lm / 8000lm / 10000lm / 12000lm, mainly divided into two categories all in one and split, this article mainly introduces the all in one type and lists 5 types, please consult us for more information.

a. YL-SSL-H-40
b. YL-SSL-H-60

c. YL-SSL-H-80
d. YL-SSL-H-100
e. YL-SSL-H-120

All In One Solar Street Lights 4000lm 1
All In One Solar Street Lights 8000lm 1
All In One Solar Street Lights 12000lm 1


All In One Solar Street Lights Key Features

a. BMS technology speeds up battery charging by over 30%.
b. Never stop lighting with New Hl-technology-ALS 2.3 Up to 10 rainy or cloudy days.
c. Lithium batteries with a cycle life of more than 2,000 times are widely used in new energy vehicles.
d. 4 Intelligent Core Technology broke the bottleneck of short working time of solar lights on rainy/cloudy days and realized 100% lighting throughout the year.
e. Intelligent drive LED management : (light control function/five-stage time control)(Dimming function).
f. Each part can be replaced on the pole directly, saving maintenance costs.


All In One Solar Street Lights Parameters

Model No.YL-SSL-H-40;
Solar panel Power18.2V / 45W;
18.2V / 60W;
18.2V / 80W;
18.2V / 90W;
16V / 120W;
Li-ion battery Capacity12.8V / 24AH / 307.2WH;
12.8V / 30AH / 384WH;
12.8V / 42AH / 537.6WH;
12.8V / 54AH / 691.2WH;
12.8V / 60AH / 768WH;
Charging/discharging temp0~45°C / -20~60°C
Charging Time6-7H (with enough strong shine by sun)
Performance lighting time12H, 4-6 rainy days
3030 SMD 160PCS;
3030 SMD 200PCS;
3030 SMD 240PCS;
3030 SMD 280PCS;
Color Temp5000~6500K Ra ≥ 70
Lighting ModeA. 2H100%+2H70%+8H30%;
B. 2H(No motion 30% / Motion 100%)+2H(No motion 30% / Motion70%)+8H(No motion 10% / Motion 30%), Induction lasts for 25 seconds;
C. 2H100%+2H70%+8H(No motion10%+Motion 30%) Induction lasts for 25 seconds.
Control ModePress the button switch, press on, reset off/ Light control + (PIR) Remote control
PIR120° / > 5M
IP/IK ClassIP65 / IK10
Product size888*396*93mm 34.96″X15.60″X3.66″;
1110*396*93mm 43.70″X15.60″X3.66″;
1418*396*93mm 55.83″X15.60″X3.66″;
1570*396*93mm 61.81″X15.60″X3.66″;
1612*443*93mm 63.46″X17.44″X3.66″;
Install Height / Distance4M / 15M;
6M / 22M;
8M / 28M;
10M / 32M;
12M / 35M;


Structure Size

All-In-One Solar Street Lights size-3
All-In-One Solar Street Lights size-4


Not Afraid Of The Heat And Cold

LifePO4 Battery
all in one solar street light is not afraid of heat
All-in-one solar street light is not afraid of cold


Product Information



Adjust the brightness by time period to save power.

All in one solar street light evening
All in one solar street light midnight
All in one solar street light early morning



Proper installation contributes to better lighting of the road.

Integrated solar street light lighting simulation distance




Able to function in extreme environments.
Fully protected against dust, water, and foreign objects as rated.



Integrated solar street light scene (3)
Integrated solar street light scene (5)


Installation Instructions

All in one solar lights Installation Instructions (2)


For reading about the Split Solar Street Light and Solar Garden Light, please click to view.


Solar LED lighting systems can be a cost-saving solution to your lighting needs. Rather than going through the expense and hassle of trenching electric wires. You can install a self-contained outdoor solar lighting system. In addition to initial installation cost savings, solar energy systems are a lighting solution that does not require a monthly electric or meter bill and requires little to no regular maintenance.

At a time when there is continuing pressure for companies and organizations to go green and be more environmentally friendly, solar power street lights are a win-win option.

Youlumi all in one solar street light offers a large selection of commercial solar lighting systems. Most of the led street lights we offer are commercial-grade kits that are designed specifically for your requirements.

One-size-fits-all solar lights can be a useful option for some applications, but if you want a solar light that performs reliably year-round, rain or shine, then you’ll want a heavy-duty commercial option. We pick the worst-case scenario and base your system around it, along with providing additional battery backup.

We offer many light options including solar led street lights and solar garden lights, as well as others. Each product is supplied with a correctly sized solar panel comprised of highly efficient solar cells, high-capacity rechargeable AGM batteries, an MPPT battery charge controller, a weather-proof metal battery enclosure, and high powered LED light fixture.

We back our systems with a 5-year limited warranty on the system, along with a 20-year limited warranty on our solar panels. We keep most products in stock, and can ship within a few business days; including our commercial solar lights and retrofit Kits.


The Common Applications of all in one solar street light

Youlumi focuses on developing and manufacturing customized outdoor solar LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications.

Highway & Roadways

Integrated solar street lamp promotes safety for drivers as their illuminance is greater than traditional street lights. You can install them effectively on main roads, highways, rural roads, and roadways. Installation is very easy and the price per street light unit is cheaper than other brands.

Site Perimeter

Where commercial solar lights can be optimally used can be around site perimeters. These areas require a strong source of lighting such as those surrounding buildings, industrial areas, factories, manufacturing plants, and power station perimeters as they usually operate 24 hours a day.

Schools and Universities

Automatic solar lights can also be installed along campuses, schools, universities, and colleges. Areas surrounding these premises are filled with young people as many dwell in dormitories near campuses. Study areas are also present anywhere near these areas. Thus a reliable source of lighting is needed.

Corporate & Big Businesses

Many corporations contribute to society through green initiatives. If you’re planning on your next big green initiative project, think about using solar LED street lights. This cannot only help dramatically lower your carbon footprint but also cut down your investment costs and project a better company image. It also helps minimize capital expenditures in the long run.

Government Municipalities

Government agencies can potentially reduce their public utility expenses by investing in solar power street lights for lighting public areas. Solar street lights can also be integrated with CCTV cameras for added security for the people.

Parks & Recreational Areas

There are public areas where parents, children, and old people love to have recreational activities. Thus, solar power street lights can help promote safety among park dwellers. Serbia is a perfect example of a place where solar street lights are sprawled along its parks and public areas. Not only is this an eco-friendly solution, but also a wise investment decision.

Sky-high electricity prices

In 2021, wholesale electricity prices in the European Union (EU) soared, with most countries experiencing record levels in December, This is not a good thing for ordinary people.

The combination of a myriad of factors – including increased demand in the “post-pandemic” economic recovery, a rise in natural gas and coal prices, and a drop in renewable power generation due to low wind speeds – the spike in European electricity prices was one aspect of a global energy supply shortage which has seen energy prices grow around the globe.

 Surging gas and coal prices driving electricity costs

 As natural gas and coal are among the leading sources of electricity generation in the EU, accounting for roughly one-third of the output in 2020, electricity rates are highly dependent on the price of these commodities. Natural gas prices in Europe increased continuously throughout 2021. As reserves reached worryingly low levels in the region and Russia, the main source of natural gas in Europe, kept exports low in order to replenish its own depleted stocks. It is clear that electricity prices will rise further as a result of energy shortages

Different rises for different countries

  While the energy supply shortage hit Europe as a whole, the impact on each country’s electricity price varied. In May 2022, Italy recorded the highest figure in the region, at 230.05 euros per megawatt hour. The country is, the European Union’s leading electricity net importer. Greece experienced similarly high electricity prices of 225.07 euros per megawatt hour that month. Meanwhile, Germans already pay one of the most expensive electricity prices in Europe at more than 30 cents a kilowatt-hour.

For comparison: The price of electricity in the US is 14.26 cents/kWh, AND the current international average is 12 cents/kWh. But as if that wasn’t enough, according to The Power Report, prices at 830 power providers increased by an average of 58% in early 2022! What are the Sky-high electricity prices?

Someone who pays 120 euros a month today will pay €7,200 over the next five years. In 2022, Germans will pay more than ever as electricity prices climb to record highs.

Youlumi was keen to do something about it. Therefore our plan was always clear: everybody buy a cheap all in one solar street light so that the owners could produce their own electricity. In doing so, We get a good product, save money on electricity and reduce emissions. Therefore take a look at our Solar Lighting Solutions. led street light manufacturers

Our Solar Street Light contains everything and remains stable all the time. As a result, the total monthly bill many people pay is typically lower than what they used to pay for electricity. After 20 years, you will have saved at least €30,000. Insurance, repair, and maintenance are completely free and included. The Youlumi solar lamp kit is fully self-sufficient and independent.

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As one of the best LED street light manufacturers, Youlumi wholesale commercial solar street lights, we offer the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products.

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