80W 120W 220W LED Balloon Lights

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Product Information

80W/120W/220W LED Balloon Light



Introduction To LED Balloon Lights

Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Portable Lighting. As a leading manufacturer of balloon light towers, Youlumi is proud to offer the best prices to our valued dealers, ensuring their profitability while providing top-quality products. Our Led Work Light meets the demands of various industries, especially construction, where reliable and powerful lighting is crucial. Equipped with advanced LED technology, this portable work light guarantees exceptional performance and efficiency.

There are many kinds of power for LED balloon lights, and there are three representative ones, which are 80W / 120W / 220W. The specific models are as follows. Please consult us for more information.

a. YL-WL10-80W-M-XXK
b. YL-WL10-120W-M-XXK
c. YL-WL10-220W-M-XXK

80W LED Balloon Lights


120W LED Balloon Lights


220W LED Balloon Lights




When it comes to lighting a large area, this product is the ideal solution for high impact lighting of mine-haul road intersections, road works, construction sites, events, and general industrial and maintenance programs.

80 Watt Led Balloon Light Towers

80W Mini LED Balloon Lights


LED Balloon Lights Key Features

Input Voltage: 100-277V/50~60Hz
Type of installation: Portable
Color handle: Black
Power supply cable: SJTW 18AWG*3C / 5M(1640ft)-US; H05RN-F 3G1.0MM2/5M(16.40ft)-EU
Lamp cover: opal
>125LM/W in a Luminaire
Type of protection:lP65
Protection class: ll
Glow wire test: 850°C – 30 seconds
Impact protection: lK08 (5 Joule)
5 year limited warranty

LED Balloon Lights 80W 120W 220W


LED Balloon Lights Size

Model No. YL-WL10-80W-M-XXK
H 360mm/ 14.17″
D 265mm/ 10.43″
Ø 250mm/ 9.84″
Model No. YL-WL10-120W-M-XXK
H 560mm/ 22.05″
D 265mm/ 10.43″
Ø 250mm/ 9.84″
Model No. YL-WL10-220W-M-XXK
H 820mm/ 32.28″
D 265mm/ 10.43″
Ø 250mm/ 9.84″


80W/120W/220W LED Balloon Lights Parameters

Model No. YL-WL10-80W-M-XXK;
Power (±5%) 80W;
AC Input 100-277V ac 50/60Hz
Lumens 10000lm;
CCT. 2700-6500k
PF. ≥ 0.9
Dimensions H*D 360*265mm, 14.17″x10.43″;
560*265mm, 22.05″x10.43″;
820*265mm, 32.28″x10.43″;
Net weight NW 4.85Kg 11lbs;
NW 7.05Kg 16lbs;
NW 8.60Kg 19lbs;
Gross weight 1pc GW 5.75kg/13lbs;
1pc GW 8.05kg/18lbs;
1pc GW 9.95kg/22lbs;
Certificate ETL

* Kelvin temperatures may vary +/- 250k.
* Line length of please inquire, extending the power cord may increase the size of the package.


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