Red Light Therapy for Pets

Youlumi supply CE ETL certificate FDA approved red LED light therapy device,  offers the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products. Whether wholesale or immediate purchase, there is always one that suits your needs.




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Wholesale red light therapy for pets, get red light therapy devices at factory price, results in your pet will love, in as little as 1 week!

Youlumi supplies CE ETL certificate FDA-approved red light therapy devices, offering the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products. Whether wholesale or immediate purchase, there is always one that suits your needs.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Work on Animals?

Red light therapy works on animals in much the same way that it works on humans. Nearly all forms of life benefit from red and near-infrared light exposure when it is administered in a sustained manner over time.

Light wavelengths within the range of 600nm to 1000nm impact cellular mitochondria, where energy is generated. Red and near-infrared light wavelengths increase the production of cellular energy. This increase occurs because the light wavelengths facilitate the production of cytochrome c oxidase, a protein that is essential for the creation of energy. Cytochrome c oxidase is present in nearly all species.

Energized cells perform their normal functions faster and more effectively, enabling improved functioning, healing and recovery, and better overall health.

Let’s review the science that supports the use of red light therapy for our furry friends.

Patented Design, Red Light Therapy for Pets.

Restless pet? They will love this.

This unique patented unit gives a powerful dose in just minutes. In 2 minutes it can stimulate ALL layers of the tissues, muscles, and joints. 

1. The red light therapy devices are 340% bigger so they can finish treatment in 3 minutes, vs 10-20 minutes.

2. Has 5 Dense Laser Diodes with 3 Modes of Power to accommodate any area. It also uses wavelengths 660nm and 850nm.

It can accelerate this healing process, and reduce the inflammation in the targeted area while naturally decreasing pain.

How to Heal from Home?

The main benefit of this is the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of using this type of therapy.

When applied, photons of light penetrate deep into the tissue increasing ATP in cells and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth.

As a result: this helps the cells of tendons, ligaments, nerves, and muscles repair faster.

It’s safe and natural, and this technology is used by vets daily.



High efficiently grade red light therapy for pets

Wavelengths of 660nm & 850nm,Red & near infrared customized

High irradiance of >100mW/cm2 at 0inch

120-degree beam angle

50,000+ hr lifespan


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Why Choose Youlumi

Production Workshop:

More than 3,000 square meters of large production workshop, first-class factory. At the same time the operation of five production lines, all kinds of led work lights a stable daily output of 1000+, red physiotherapy series a daily output of 200+.

Production Management:

Excellent production management experience, has been adhering to the factory operation principle of timely delivery, in order to ensure the high quality of products while maintaining high production efficiency, absolutely ensure timely delivery, is a first-class partner.

Product Testing And Quality Control:

Each product has its own strict factory regulations, and after rigorous testing to ensure the quality of the product, it will be run for a certain amount of time (depending on the product) to make sure everything is up to standard. So please feel free to buy.

Integrating Sphere & Spectroscope Test:

Every batch of products will be sampled using Integrating Sphere and Spectroscope before leaving the factory.

We believe that testing is light manufacturing most basic but crucial part.

Strict requirements on product quality, and responsible for customers, in the end, is our corporate culture.

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Youlumi Warehouse And Transportation:

The best lighting manufacturers believe that safety is at the root of everything.

Youlumi Warehouse strictly adheres to safety standards. The safety of the warehouse and our customers’ goods is our lifeline.

We will deliver the products as soon as possible after they pass the test. We are looking forward to receiving satisfactory approval from customers.

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A one-on-one service

A One-on-one Service To Develop Your Lighting Plan:

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Keep up with market demand

R&D Keep Up With Market Demand:

Our research and development closely follow the market demand.  Support customers’ complete customization of products. This is a huge advantage that Youlumi has over most lighting manufacturers.

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Excellent R&D team:

We have a research and development team of 20 people, all of whom are senior technical engineers with many years of experience. They have obtained a number of patents and have industry-leading strength in RGB controllers. For example, our new RGBIC hoop lights are unique products in the world.

Youlumi R&D Team

Q1.Can this be used on pets?


Q2.What is wavelength of the red light device?

The red light therapy device uses two wavelengths: 660nm & 850nm.

Q3.Can l use the device every hour? Will the higher frequency of usage than instruction help to heal faster?

No, using it more frequently than every 8 hours will not improve results and could reduce efficacy,please follow our dosage instruction.

Q4.How long does it take for me to feel any improvements?

It depends on the severity; it may provide relief almost immediately and it could shorten the healing time than normal.

Q5.Can I put device directly on the skin?

Yes.You may touch unbroken skin with the device

Q6.When using the device, shall l move it around or finish the 1 minute session before moving to another spot?

Our recommended usage is to apply a full dose on one spot before moving to another one.

Q7 What is the warranty time?

2-year Warranty.

Q8 What are the pulse rates?


Q9 Is this fda approved?

FDA exemption.FDA registered.

Q10 Do you need to wear sunglasses when you use this?

No. Just don’t shine in your eyes.


Samples: Bank TT,Paypal, 100% payment in advance; Bulk order: Bank TT, 30% deposit and balance 70% settled before shipment.


We have our own factory with over 6 years R&D and manufacture experience.

3.Delivery time:

Samples: 3-7 working days; Bulk order: 30-40 working days.

4. Quality Control:

100% of the lamps will be tested and keep lighting for 12 hours to test its quality reliability , and we will also test its; Each lamp should pass all these QC procedures before shipping to customer.

5. Shipping Method:

By Express: DHL, UPS, Fedex, a fast and safe way for shipping, normally 3-5 working days for delivery; By Air: In some area, the shipping cost by air is more favorable than by Express; 10-20 days for delivery; By Sea: the most economic shipping method, but cost longer shipping time; large quantity, heavy and not urgent goods can choose this way. Your shipping agent or forwarder. 6. After-Sale Service: Quick reply on customers' questions; If anything goes wrong with the products' quality, we will replace for you free. Make you a happy ordering.

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