Silicone RGB Ring String Lights Linkable Tuya App Audio Mode Remote Control YL-RL18RGB-SYM -20W

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Youlumi RGB rock lights are newly developed one-of-a-kind party light that uses an RGBIC controller. The latest patent, Bluetooth led lights, Get a quote now.

Youlumi RGB rock lights with their gentle, rounded look are much beautiful more than it seems, it’s a hanging lighting solution for outdoor decorative lights, and party light. Ten lights make up decorative string lights, with ten hooks, that can be easily hung anywhere between.


  • Weight: 1.90kg
  • Types of power supply: mains
  • Diffuser: Silica gel
  • Wifi/Bluetooth: Yes
  • Light g cable:PVC SJTW 20AWG*(4c) 33.46-FOOT MAIN CABLE(10 LIGHTS)
  • Lighting model: Double color
  • Power(watts):20W
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Impact resistance: IK06
  • CE standard: Yes

Application Scenario

RGB rock lights are widely used in homes, hotels, KTV evenings, yard lights, outdoor string lights, gatherings, and other indoor decorations with music. Instantly make the environment more active, and bring yourself into a passionate moment with the dazzling environment.

RGBIC rock lights deliver powerful, ambient lighting. Each of the ten ring lights is glow 270°. Together, color can be set individually for each light: ideal lighting for every occasion!

The perfect solution for a terrace or at the bottom of the garden is this RGB ring ambient string light to come with A 33.46ft matt black cable(including 10 pcs hanging hook) that blends into the background and lets the ring light shine through -like halos of light that seem to float weightlessly in the dark. it’s easy to hang from a tree or other structure thanks to ten handy hook systems.

RGB ambient lights are designed for outdoor use: made from PVC and Silica gel, it’s resistant to UV rays, and bad weather. lt uses a waterproof power supply and waterproof controller (rating: IP65). So once it’s installed, you can simply forget about it!

This string of lights isn’t just cleverly designed – it’s Bluetooth led lights, so smart, tool it’s equipped with WIFI/ Bluetooth technology and can be controlled remotely with the (free)Tuya app, which comes with a range of features that let you easily customize your lighting mood. Together, match with the 2.4G Beacon remote control. To learn more about the app, please contact the manufacturer!

LED ring string lights have revolutionized the world of outdoor ambient lighting. This overhead lighting solution will brighten up any space, day and night!

Party lights

Are you still upset that your party environment isn’t glamorous enough? Are you still upset that your party lights are all the same? Youlumi RGB rock lights can definitely help you, more than 16 million color matching and they are Bluetooth led lights, mobile phone APP control color changes, and the newly designed round appearance, this is a rare excellent product on the market, and can be used as a party light to let your party praise.

Outdoor decorative lights

Maybe you like to decorate your beautiful garden, or you like camping, or you like to have a picnic, Youlumi RGBIC rock lights will be your best choice, the silicone shell brings excellent waterproof performance, no worries about using it outdoors. Sixteen million color changes bring different colors and atmospheres to camping and picnics. Life should be colorful.

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