Split Solar Street Light 3000lm ~ 15000lm

Split Solar Street Lamps 3000 ~ 15000lm



Product Description

As the best solar panel street lights manufacturer, Youlumi offers the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products.

As the 3000lm ~ 15000lm split solar street light supplier, YouLumi specializes in manufacturing and supplying commercial solar lights. YouLumi’s split solar street light will certainly help you to face the Sky-high electricity prices.

New solar LED technology that allows the coexistence, of environmental protection and energy saving.

There are many kinds of Split Solar Street Lights power(lumen), 5 representative ones, the lamp lumens are 3000lm / 6000lm / 9000lm / 12000lm / 15000lm, mainly divided into two categories split and all in one, this article mainly introduces the split type and lists 5 types, please consult us for more information.

a. YL-SSL-F0A-20
b. YL-SSL-F0A-40

c. YL-SSL-F0A-60
d. YL-SSL-F0A-80
e. YL-SSL-F0A-100

Split Solar Street Light 3000lm ~ 15000lm (6)
Split Solar Street Light 3000lm ~ 15000lm (7)
Split Solar Street Light 3000lm ~ 15000lm (9)
Split Solar Street Light 3000lm ~ 15000lm (10)


Split Solar Street Lights Key Features

a. BMS technology speeds up the battery charging by over 30%;
b. Never stop lighting with New Hl-technology-ALS 2.3 Up to 10 rainy or cloudy days;
c. Powerful Lithium battery with 1500 cycles, widely used in new-energy cars;
d. 4 Intelligent Core Technology broke the bottleneck of short working time of solar lights on rainy/cloudy days and realized 100% lighting throughout the year;
e. Intelligent drive LED management : (light control function/five-stage time control)(Dimming function);
f. Each part can be replaced on the pole directly, saving maintenance costs.


Split Solar Street Lights Parameters

Model No.YL-SSL-F0A-20;
Solar panel Power18V / 30W;
18V / 60W;
18V / 90W;
18V / 120W;
18V / 150W;
Li-ion battery Capacity12.8V / 12AH / 153.6WH;
12.8V / 30AH / 384WH;
12.8V / 36AH / 460.8WH;
12.8V / 48AH / 614.4WH;
12.8V / 60AH / 768WH;
Charging/discharging temp0~45°C / -20~60°C
Charging Time6-8H (with enough strong shine by sun)
Performance lighting time12H, 5-7 rainy days
3030 SMD 120PCS;
3030 SMD 150PCS;
3030 SMD 200PCS;
3030 SMD 300PCS;
Color Temp5000~6500K
Lighting Mode

Time control model: 2H100%+2H70%+8H30%

Control ModeAPP control
PIR120° / > 5M
IP/IK ClassIP65 / IK10
Product size500*210*65mm 19.69″X8.27″X2.56″;
550*225*65mm 21.65″X8.86″X2.56″;
600*245*70mm 23.62″X9.65″X2.76″;
660*265*70mm 25.98″X10.43″X2.76″;
790*265*100mm 31.10″X10.43″X3.94″;
Install Height / Distance4M / 10M;
4M / 15M;
6M / 22M;
8M / 28M;
10M / 32M;


Not Afraid Of The Heat And Cold

LifePO4 Battery
Split Solar Street Light 3000lm ~ 15000lm (12)


Product Information

● Easily set the working mode of solar street light.
● 10 meters infrared sensing range of remote control, suitable for most installation heights.
● Multiple working modes to deal with various complex environments.
● According to the demand, the running time can be reasonably controlled, and it can last for a long time on rainy days.



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