YouLumi Red Light Hair Growth Cap

Designed to reach the most problematic areas for hair thinning, 180 LED diodes line the interior of the hat for maximum hair restoration.

  • Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth
    The right light to grow thicker hair, rebalance your scalp in just 20 minutes a day.
  • Improve Hair Thickness
    Clinically proven wavelengths: 660nm & 850nm stimulate to grow thicker and fuller hair.
  • Reset Scalp Health
    Bathe your scalp in wider LED red light for stronger and more resilient follicles.
  • Support Sleek and Shiny Hair
    Make your hair loaded with the proteins and nutrients it needs, and bouncy with natural luster.




Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth

Red light therapy cap Ideal for hair re-growth & headache pain relief and Insomnia troubles.




For Just 6 Minutes a Day, Wearing YouLumi Red Light Hair Growth Cap Canhelp Regrow Hair.

The form factor promotes ease of use and efficacy by resting right onyour head for maximum results. YouLumi red light hair regrowth caps workfor both men and women without needing expensive medications orsurgeries. It is very convenient to carry when traveling.

Helps Stop Hair Loss

Helps Treat Thinning Hair and Balding

Helps Revitalize Damaged Hair

Nurtures Fuller, Healthier Looking Hair

What To Expect From YouLumi Red Light Therapy Cap

Keep in mind that it takes time for hair to grow. You will not notice results immediately as it takes time to restore follicle health and then for the new strands of hair to grow. We recommend you take pictures of your scalp before you begin treatment so you can effectively keep track of results. The following is a general guideline of what to expect in your hair restoration journey.

Shedding may temporarily increase as feeble hairs begin to make room for the new and stronger hair to grow.

You may begin to see a decrease in shedding while new hairs start to grow.

Shedding should have slowed down, and you should begin to see minor visible results.

At this point, shedding may have stopped, and now your hair follicles should be growing new hair. Do not stop here, keep going and growing!

Get The Results You Want



Having suffered from hair loss for 1year, I finally turned to red lighttherapy and got my first YouLumi red light therapy cap.The results areremarkable! l have less fallout and feel my hair become fuller.AndI’m sure this is not my illusion, I feel my hair becomes stronger andhealthier now!



I’m 30 but I have MPB for over 3 years. YouLumi red light therapy cap made aremarkable difference in addressing my receding hairline in 6 months.Now l have insisted to use it for 15 months. Have a look at the change!Staying committed to regular use is a real game-changer.

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

Extended Growth Phase
Red and NIR light stimulate anagen phase autophagy, activating follicle cells for growth, promoting fuller and thicker hair before the resting phase.

DHT Resistance & Anti-inflammatory
DHT, a major contributor to various types of hair loss. And scalp inflammation leads to several hair issues as itchy and dandruff.

Nourish Follicles & Hair Roots
Specific red light improves blood flow, boosts oxygen and delivers nutrient to hair follicles.






What is the Norwood Scale?

The Norwood classification is the most commonly used classification of male pattern balding. There are limitations to the classification system but it remains the most commonly used system today. It was developed by a dermatologist, Dr. O’Tar Norwood.






Reclaim Your Luscious Locks with YouLumi’s Red Light Therapy Hat

Give your hair the restorative power of light therapy with YouLumi’s Red Light Therapy Cap, designed to promote hair regrowth, prevent hair loss, and restore the overall health of your scalp.






What do we have?

We won’t skimp on the extras. Each YouLumi red light cap comes with a high-end storage case to store and protect your device. We include 1 red light device, 1 controller, 1 power adapter, 1 USB power bank cable, and 1 user manual. So that you can use it anywhere in the world.

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