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infrared physiotherapy cap

Nowadays, people’s hair loss problem is becoming more and more serious, more and more even shout bald, hair loss crowd is also more and more underage. Hair is equivalent to our second “face”, once the hair loss, than hurt face value. “A handsome man becomes an uncle, a beautiful woman becomes a mother” and even a good-looking egg can’t stop the attack of [baldness].

infrared physiotherapy cap

Causes of hair loss

1, common hair loss is “androgenetic alopecia” (androgenetic alopecia, AGA), also known as seborrheic alopecia, its culprit is DHT, according to statistics, the prevalence of men is about 21.3%, the prevalence of women is about 60% (yes, women also have androgens). 

In both men and women, AGA is the most common type of hair loss, bar none. excessive androgens in the body of AGA patients, when they encounter 5a reductase, produce dihydrotestosterone. Under the influence of dihydrotestosterone, the scalp becomes greasy and inflamed, and even the hair follicle cells are gradually damaged, eventually becoming severe hair loss.

2, family inheritance, according to the domestic epidemiological survey know, androgenetic alopecia patients with family genetic history accounted for 53.3% ~ 63.9%, and the paternal line is higher than the maternal line. Whether male or female, hair loss genes can be inherited from both parents’ families. And hair loss has the potential to skip generations and randomly affect the boy or girl in the family.

3, Staying up late, drinking alcohol, perming and dyeing, too tightly banded hair, psychological stress, sickness or due to surgical drugs, etc.

So there is a lot we can do about it: less late nights, regulate diet, good scalp care when perming and dyeing, timely mood adjustment, etc.

infrared physical therapy cap

Is there any help for hair loss?

In addition to the above-mentioned adjustment of their own state, we can also use “external forces”.

First let’s understand the hair growth cycle.Although small, the hair follicle is a cyclical organ, with each growth cycle lasting several years. There are generally three phases: anagen, metaplasia and diapause.

The anagen phase: lasts 2-6 years and the majority of our hair is in a state of continuous growth during this cycle.

Degenerative phase: lasts 2-3 weeks and the hair growth rate slows down.

Resting phase: lasts 2-3 months, when the hair has completely stopped growing, the hair roots are very shallow and the hair falls out easily.

In addition to the above-mentioned adjustment of their own state, we can also use “external forces”.

Red light

As early as 2007, the FDA officially approved the use of low energy laser (LLLT) devices for hair loss treatment, which in the past was often treated by taking medication and rubbing it in, but medication has more side effects.

The creation of the low energy laser has added a safe and non-invasive treatment option for hair loss sufferers. Low-energy laser treatment combined with conventional medications can also enhance the efficacy of the treatment. 

Low-energy lasers are red or near-infrared light with low power density, which itself has the effect of promoting wound healing and nerve regeneration.

Red light is able to affect the activity of some enzymes in body tissues basically by microbial chemical changes, and can have adjusting and balancing effects on various cell biological enzymes in the body. For example, it has a buffering effect on 5-a reductase, which affects androgenic alopecia, and complexine enzyme reaction, which affects gray hair.

Red light can enhance the production of deoxyribonucleic acid in body tissue cells, which in turn can enhance the production of protein, the main component of hair, accounting for 85%-90% of hair.Studies have confirmed that low-energy laser with a wavelength of 650nm and 5mW can promote blood circulation and growth factor release. 

accelerate the synthesis of energy needed for hair growth, stimulate the redevelopment of hair follicles, reverse the hair growth cycle (lengthening the length of the hair growth phase and shortening the length of the hair regression and resting phase) thus improving hair loss and making hair growth healthier.


improving hair loss

There are many low-energy laser hair growth products on the market, laser comb with a small number of laser lights, slow effect, and the use of hand-held, difficult to adhere to the use; seemingly very advanced laser helmet and too heavy, wearing easy to headache; 

YOULUMI infrared physical therapy cap is a lightweight hair growth equipment, the total weight of an ordinary hat weight.

940nm850nm630nm threewavelengths,

irradiance up to 170mw/cm²,

strong penetrating ability, can directly through the scalp on the hair follicles, wake up has been atrophied, often close the hair follicles newborn, re-grow more healthy hair.

red light therapy hat
  1. Through the infrared baking heat energy, to achieve the effect of removing the scalp exuberant oil, because too much oil, often fused with the scalp metabolites, affecting the health of the hair follicles and scalp.
  2. By activating blood circulation and expanding blood vessels, the effect of improving microcirculation below the hair papillae is achieved, restoring the blood supply function for the atrophied hair follicles and making the pigment cells start synthesizing melanin particles again.
  3. For those tissues damaged because of microcirculation disorder, hair papilla cells are not supplied with microcirculation nutrients for a long time, the thermal energy of infrared ray can improve the self-repair ability of hair papilla cells.
  4. For scalp inflammation such as folliculitis and dermatophytosis, drug treatment can cause absorption disorder, which can play the role of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, so that it can resume drug absorption as soon as possible.

In addition to preventing hair loss, YOULUMI infrared physical therapy cap can also inhibit the production of DHT, to regulate scalp oil secretion, so as to reduce the occurrence of excessive scalp oil, breeding fungus dandruff increase. Regular wear can also maintain our scalp hair follicles, reduce scalp aging, and slowly to the scalp well, once the hair gets a healthy and stable growth environment, it can take root deeper to absorb sufficient nutrients to thrive. In the long run, the hair grows better and better, the more it grows, hair oil, hair loss, gray hair, and other troubles away from us!!

YOULUMI infrared physical therapy cap, casual hair care, work, study both. As long as the power is plugged in, you can read a book, work, play with the phone, and travel in the process, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the “scalp was awakened feeling”.

red light therapy for hair loss
red light therapy for hair loss

Infrared heat energy can make the drug absorption to maximize, will be applied to the scalp after the drug, put on the cap, laser and drug of the two-pronged, mutual action, can better promote the operation of light therapy, as well as the absorption of the scalp, so that the drug penetration into the hair follicle.

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