The story of solar street lights in villages

This is a real event about the electricity consumption of street lights in a village of 5000 people. The village where the author’s aunt lives had already installed street lights 10 years ago. At night, the lights in the village were bright, and they walked freely like during the day, chatting and visiting, which was very casual. The villagers in the neighboring village who did not have street lights were envious.

Solar street lights in the village

This street lamp requires electricity, which belongs to the electricity bill for public use. It is the average electricity bill charged by each household in the entire village. Over the past 10 years, the monthly electricity bill has been stable and not fluctuated much, and villagers are also willing to pay the electricity bill. After all, it is convenient for everyone in the village, and the electricity bill paid is not much, so everyone is very conscious of paying the electricity bill.

However, due to sudden changes in the situation, the electricity bills have suddenly increased significantly in the past six months. Some villagers have discovered that some villagers are using public electricity to power their air conditioners without permission, which is very selfish. However, no one is willing to take the lead in handling this matter, resulting in the street lights not being able to be turned on and used normally every day. Only on special holidays do they raise money to turn on the street lights for a few days and then stop them. Due to some villagers’ unauthorized use of public electricity, there is a gap between them, and they are no longer willing to pay electricity bills.

Solar Panel Street Light 8000LM

On the contrary, the neighboring village lit up street lights at night, which did not require villagers to raise electricity bills, and there would be no incidents of stealing electricity. According to my aunt, the neighboring village used solar street lights, which do not need to be connected to electricity. With sunlight shining, the street lights lit up at night, and the scene of villagers’ happiness and harmony is very enviable. It is truly a cycle of wind and water, with a cycle of 10 years.

The village officials in Auntie’s village summarized the current poor use of street lights and drew inspiration from the benefits of using solar street lights in the neighboring village. They decided to replace all the street lights in the entire village with solar street lights and give the village a peaceful and happy living environment.

Indeed, the times are advancing and technology is also developing. Due to curiosity, the author also went to understand the working principle and practicality of solar street lights, which is indeed quite good. Today, solar street lights are indeed more environmentally friendly, convenient, safe, and easy to manage.

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