The Ultimate Guide To LED Corn Light Bulbs

What is corn light?

Named after their resemblance to an ear of corn, LED corn lights are comprised of small LED light bulbs that create an intense, omnidirectional light which allows you to see more clearly. They are ideal for many different indoor and outdoor installations including High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting, high bay lights, low bay lights, outdoor post top lighting fixtures, streetlights, parking lots, security lighting and many more. The corn lights available at Conservation Mart range from 18 watts to 120 watts and last for 50,000 hours.

led corn lights

The Ultimate Guide To LED Corn Light Bulbs

Have you been considering making a switch to LED corn light bulbs? If so, follow the ultimate guide to LED corn light bulbs. If these types of lights are a new concept to you, here’s a brief background. LED corn light bulbs have the name they do because of their appearance. They simply resemble corn on the cob. Lines of square light diodes are on the sides of the tube. The cob has anywhere from 80 to 108 LED lights. The numbers of these lights are dependent on the size and style of the bulb. An LED corn light is designed to replace HID lamps and traditional metal halide bulbs. You’ll most commonly find these in street lighting, stadium lighting, and parking lots.


The cob led lights have an IP65 ingress rating which makes them suitable for damp locations, such as streetlights and wall packs.

LED corn lights operate without a ballast and are 75% more efficient than their HID equivalent.

Bright artificial lighting confuses female turtles and new hatchlings, drawing them away from the ocean towards threats from predators, traffic and starvation. LED amber lights help to diminish the light pollution, allowing the turtles to stay safe in their natural habitats.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of LED lighting. LED lighting has increased in its popularity over the recent years. There are several different reasons behind this. The main reason is their easy installation. Easy installation means less time and, therefore, less money spent on your lighting. Another benefit is that they have lower replacement costs and are more energy efficient than metal halide bulbs. With a lifespan of 25 years, they are much easier and less expensive to use.

What is a corn light used for?

Corn bulbs provide an extremely bright light from 360 degrees. It can provide warm, natural, cool, and cold white lighting, which makes it perfect for a variety of settings. Corn Bulbs are perfect for settings where high visibility is desired and is a perfect option for retrofit projects because of their adaptability.

Are LED corn bulbs safe?

Yes, most of the corn bulbs are enclosed rated. That means they can go inside a fixture that closes up or is enclosed. Our bulbs are rated as safe to be used in the enclosed fixtures for both commercial and industrial applications.

Color Considerations

Corn bulbs are available in different colors. Colors can largely affect the atmosphere of a room or outdoor space. Choose wisely, and enjoy the way LED colors can benefit your space. These colors include:

3000K LED bulbs: These put off a warm white color. Houses and restaurants benefit from this color of bulb. This is because of the softer and more relaxing environment it contributes to.

4000K LED bulbs: This is a white, natural light that replicates daylight. For this reason, it’s a great option for businesses or other work areas to use.

5000K LED bulbs: This is a bright, while light best used for large spaces and outdoors. This can include stadiums.

Avoid colors any higher in rating because they can be dangerous for the environment and humans as well. The American Medical Association stated that colors 5700K and 6500K’s blue light interferes with melatonin production. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them in general.

Are corn lights any good?

At up to 80% more efficient than metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or incandescent bulbs, LED corn lamp are becoming an obvious solution for those looking to retrofit their lighting with efficient LEDs.

What are some negatives about Led corner light?

High up-front costs.

Transformer compatibility.

Potential color shift over lamp life.

Performance standardization has not yet been streamlined.

Overheating can cause reduced lamp life.

But it does not matter.


LED corn bulbs work from 90 to 277V AC. Ensure your safety and use recommended voltages of corn bulbs: 120 volts, 208 volts, 220 volts, 240 volts, and 277 volts. Take the time to find the right fit for your specific space. With so many options, it’s worth slowing down and taking time to contemplate the decision.


These bulbs are available in many different fitting sizes. Be sure you write down the fitting reference number so that you can have confidence in your next bulb purchase. Don’t waste your time and money by purchasing a bulb that doesn’t have the right fitting size you need. You should also consider leaving a space for cooling once you remove the old bulb.

Enclosed Fixtures

Take note that it’s a risk to use LED corn bulbs in fully enclosed fixtures. In fact, there’s a warning from some manufacturers of this. If you plan to use these in an enclosed fixture, go out of your way to make sure you found the right manufacturer. Some companies make these bulbs for use in enclosed fixtures, but you have to keep your eye out for them.

Use the ultimate guide to LED corn light bulbs before you make the switch from metal halide bulbs. Don’t let the change intimidate you. Although there’s a lot of information to consider, you can have confidence in your choice of base, lumens, color, voltage, and fixture design. In using this guide, you’ll find that confidence while saving yourself time and money before you make the purchase. 

If needed, print this guide out and take it with you to the store. In doing so, you won’t forget the provided information or have pressing questions along the way. Once you decide on your purchase, enjoy the many benefits of LED corn bulbs. They have everything from increased longevity to brightness to easy installation, so you won’t regret your choice.

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