The working principle and use of infrared physiotherapy lamps

The working principle of infrared physiotherapy lamps

An infrared physiotherapy lamp is an infrared lamp of visible light. It has high radiation frequency and strong permeability. The peak value of infrared wave is strictly 1300nm, so that the wavelength of infrared rays can just penetrate the human dermis layer, so as to promote blood circulation and enhance the absorption of muscles to joint tissue inflammation.

The ability to relieve arthritis symptoms and promote soft tissue injury healing. If used in conjunction with body beauty and breast strengthening products, it will help the penetration and absorption of active ingredients. Therefore, infrared lamps have become one of the necessary instruments in beauty salons for breast enhancement, anti-inflammatory health care and other projects. At the same time, rheumatoid arthritis has better curative effect.

A. Infrared physiotherapy lamp has two functions:

1. Beauty and health care: Infrared spectrum has strong permeability, deeply heats the skin, effectively improves blood circulation, improves skin tissue, and has the effect of beauty and fitness. It is an ideal physiotherapy and beauty product for families, beauty salons and hospitals.
2. Physiotherapy: Alleviate pain, assist in the treatment of rheumatism, lumbar rheumatism, cold muscle soreness, relieve arthritis, and promote wound healing. Medical infrared thermal physiotherapy.

B.What diseases can infrared physiotherapy lamps treat:

Infrared physiotherapy lamps are the most ideal physiotherapy instruments for contemporary families, hospitals, infirmaries and clinics.

It has been clinically verified by some large and traditional Chinese hospitals and identified by medical experts and scholars: for arthritis, frozen shoulder, phlebitis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute mastitis, hypertension, low back pain, stomach pain, dysmenorrhea, scabies swelling and pain, It has a significant curative effect on diseases such as lumps, wound healing, bone hyperplasia, mild wound infection, epicondylitis at the epiphysis, fibritis, and joint sprains.

At the same time, it has been proved by the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to test various objective indicators of animals, and it is quite safe. No side effects.

C.The advantages of infrared physiotherapy lamps in the treatment of diseases:

1. Infrared physiotherapy lamp is the latest physiotherapy instrument for treating various diseases. By irradiating local pain points (disease parts) with far-infrared rays, there is no need for injections, no medicines, and no surgery, so that patients can comfortably cure rheumatoid arthritis without hurting the stomach, kidneys and skin.

2. Infrared physiotherapy lamp has no contradiction with medicine and other therapies, and it has better curative effect for patients with Chinese and Western medicine at the same time, and also shortens the course of treatment.

3. The infrared physiotherapy lamp has obvious and rapid curative effect, and has a significant analgesic effect on many painful diseases, and has a good therapeutic effect on swelling, itching, pain relief and other diseases.

4. Infrared physiotherapy lamp has a good effect of copper mirror to promote blood circulation and relieve pain. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pain is caused by failure. Where pain inflammation, hard paralysis and blood circulation disorders are directly related. The far-infrared physiotherapy lamp can eliminate pain inflammation and paralysis, improve the Qi and blood circulation of the diseased tissue, so that the imbalanced body can be restored, and achieve “yin yang balance”.

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