What are LED corn bulbs used for?

Welcome to your ultimate guide on LED Corn Bulb! LED Corn Bulbs are “LED Corn Bulbs” because they look like corn on the cob. Sounds intriguing right?

An LED Corn bulb has square light diodes on the sides of the tube. The cob has about 80 to 108 LED lights. However, the number of these lights varies from one bulb to another depending on the size and style of the bulb.

LED Corn Bulbs can be very efficient for several needs that people have. They can be used both inside and outside and are a great replacement for metal halide fixtures. More people are turning to LED Corn Bulbs because they can use them for both interior and exterior uses.

So you, as a business owner should turn to it as well!

LED technology is generally energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The system makes use of semiconductor materials which significantly reduces the presence of harmful substances like mercury. LED prioritizes the well-being of individuals and the ecosystem. Also, unlike traditional light sources, LED makes use of semiconductor materials to release light energy through electronic recombination. This process makes for high efficiency and minimal energy consumption.

LEDs are very alluring to most people and businesses these days because of the benefits that come with using them. LED Corn Bulbs are even more alluring because of their multifunctionality.

Beginning to see reasons to incorporate LED Corn Bulbs into your business? Not to worry! We will give you everything you need to know about LED Corn Bulbs. Scroll up!

Understanding LED Corn Bulbs

LED Corn Bulb takes its name from corn cob. It is also referred to as corn cob lamps. When you put it on, it resembles a corn cob with bright kernels. These bulbs have a unique corn cob-shaped design that houses dozens of LED lights. They shine brighter than a normal bulb can serve personal, industrial and commercial purposes.

What is so special about LED Corn Bulbs? There are a lot of reasons why LED Corn Bulbs should be your choice bulbs. With these bulbs, you have reduced maintenance. They have a long lifespan as well as energy efficiency.

Is your business space a big one? The LED Corn Bulb is for you! It can illuminate the entire space completely without leaving any spot untouched. With LED Corn Bulb, you experience maximum brightness and efficiency!

Technical Specifications

You need to consider the lumen output, wattage and colour temperature options available to get the best LED Corn Bulbs for your business space.

The lumen output is the amount of light the bulb emits and it determines how bright the bulb will be. Wattage on the other hand shows the amount of power consumed.

LED Corn Bulbs can be very efficient and a lower-wattage produces a greater light with incandescent light. For instance, a 100W LED Corn Bulb can have a lumen output of 10,000 while a 100W incandescent light produces 1,600 lumens. It is very important to check the lumen specification for your bulbs to see whether or not they’ll suit your space better.

Corn Bulbs are available in various colours to suit various needs. For instance, 3000K Corn Bulbs are best for houses and restaurants because they emit warm white light. The 3000k bulb makes for a softer and calmer environment. It is also best to go for 4000K bulbs in a business place because they mirror the natural light of the day. You can check the bottom of your box to know the color temperature.

Advantages Of Corn Bulbs Lighting

Compared to other traditional light sources, these are the advantages of Corn Bulbs:

1. Efficiency

Corn Bulbs are more energy efficient than traditional light sources. LED lighting is generally more efficient than most lighting sources. As a business owner, it will be great for you and your business to incorporate it into your business because it can significantly help you to cut down on electricity bills.

2. Longevity

Corn Bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs. You don’t want to have to replace your bulbs every other month. With Corn Bulbs, you can reduce the rate at which you replace bulbs as well as maintenance.

3. Lower Energy Consumption

With LED Corn Bulbs, you don’t have to worry about leaving your light on for hours. The bulb consumes only 1 kWh of electricity for 1000 hours. An incandescent bulb consumes 1 kWh of electricity in 17 hours. The difference is very glaring. You can save yourself hundreds of electricity bills with LED Corn Bulbs.

Key Applications of LED Corn Bulbs in Businesses

You can use LED Corn Bulbs for various purposes in your business. Let’s check out some of the major applications of Corn Bulbs in businesses.

1. Industrial and Warehouse Lighting

LED Corn Bulbs are ideal for lighting large indoor spaces. If you have a warehouse, factory or industrial facility, Corn Bulbs should be your go-to construction light bulbs. Corn Bulbs offer the perfect illumination that these indoor spaces need to be at their peak. They mostly emit low heat which makes it perfect for workers to effectively work and not worry about the bulbs combusting. LED Corn Bulbs are very bright and they have wide beam angle illumination capabilities.

2. Street and Area Lighting

LED Corn Bulbs are very good to illuminate the streets or areas. Conventional bulbs contain harmful materials like mercury that are dangerous for the environment. LED Corn Bulbs don’t contain such materials and they’re perfect as an all in one solar street light.

They offer omnidirectional lighting design which makes them perfect for outdoor uses. The illumination provides safety and visibility in these outdoor spaces.

3. Retail and Hospitality Lighting

As a retailer, know that posters and coupons are not the only ways to make sales and draw in customers. LED Corn Bulbs can be used to make customers feel welcome and cater to their needs. That’s not all! If you own a hotel, Corn Bulbs has a way of making your customers feel welcomed and catered for.

As a retailer, these bulbs can draw people in and guide them through your store and products. You can use these bulbs to enhance certain features of your products and create visual appeal.

4. Office Lighting

Corn Bulbs are very suitable for your office space since they are cheaper and easier to maintain. LED lights like LED string work lights do not emit excess energy or infrared radiation like traditional light bulbs. The infrared radiation causes heat that might lead to exhaustion for you and your employees. Corn bulbs on the other hand don’t trigger migraines and  can be dimmed to suit the time of day.

Installation and Maintenance

You need to regularly maintain your Corn Bulbs if you want them to function at their best and last for a long time. Here are a  few tips on how to effectively care for your LED Corn Bulb;

  • Ensure you use the correct voltage and wattage.
  • Avoid over-tightening of the bulbs.
  • Clean your bulbs and fixtures regularly.
  • Use compatible dimmer switches.
  • Avoid frequent on-off cycling.

How do you replace your old LED Corn Bulbs? It’s simple!

Start by unscrewing your old bulbs and setting them aside. Pick up the new LED Corn Bulbs and screw them into the sockets and turn them on. Usually, these bulbs can fit into existing fixtures, hence, no need to look for new fixtures. Do not worry about ballasts, starters or transformers. You mostly do not need them as they will only complicate the installation and maintenance process.

Cost-Savings and ROI

To be honest, LED Corn light don’t come cheap and the first investment can be quite expensive.. An average LED bulb costs about $17 and $200 or even more. However, the long-term benefits are quite significant. Do not be discouraged by the price, the long-term benefits you can get from it for your business are worth it.

Choosing the Right LED Corn Bulb for Your Business

Consider the following factors when choosing the perfect LED Corn Bulb for your business;

1. Size

 The amount of lumen in a light corn bulb would determine how the bulb will emit.For your industrial use, aim for a minimum of 100 lumens per foot!

2. Brightness

Your bulb should be bright enough to illuminate to serve purpose. The  illumination will make for vibrancy which invariably affects the atmosphere of your business space. 

3. Colour Temperature

This refers to the colour appearance that your bulb emits. This colour sets the mood for your business space.

If your business requires specific needs, you can get customization options as well. All you need to do is get the right manufacturer that will tend to your specific needs.


LED Corn Bulbs are the best type of lighting you need for your business. They help you to optimally illuminate your work and personal space to work more effectively. So, consider getting LED Corn light for your business today. Although the initial investment can be a lot, the long-term benefits associated with it make it worth it.

Youlumi has the perfect range of LED corn bulbs for your perfect space. You can check for varieties and ask questions on the perfect light for your business space.

Contact Youlumi today. Your business space and employees will thank you for making the choice!

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