What Are The Pitfalls Of Solar Street Lamp Procurement?

Today, solar street lamps are widely used, but now the solar street lamp market price varies, solar street lamp manufacturers produce uneven quality. It is inevitable that some manufacturers will hype up their own products, but the quality of the product has brought a significant bad impact, so when purchasing solar street lights, we should pay attention to avoid falling into the trap given by the manufacturer, so, what is the trap that solar street lights purchase need to pay attention to?

solar street light

1, counterfeit chips, low-end chips

The core of LED lamp is the chip, which directly determines the performance of the lamp! However, some bad manufacturers take advantage of customers’ unprofessionalism and use low-cost chips to make customers buy low-quality products with high unit price, resulting in direct economic losses and serious hidden dangers to the quality of LED lamps.

2. Configure virtual tags and exaggerate configuration parameters

The hot  LED street lighting  is also accompanied by the reduction of price and profit, the fierce competition has also led to many solar street lamp manufacturers began to cut corners and falsely label product parameters, the wattage of theLED solar outdoor light source, the wattage of the solar panel, the capacity of the battery, and even the material used in the solar lamp pole have problems. Of course, this is also caused by the customer’s repeated comparison of prices and demand for low prices, and it is also related to the practices of some manufacturers.

3. Poor heat dissipation design and unreasonable configuration

In the aspect of heat dissipation design, the PN junction temperature of LED chip increases by 10 degrees, and the life of semiconductor devices will decrease by multiple. Due to the high brightness requirements of LED solar street lights, the use of the environment is harsh, if the heat dissipation is not solved well, it will quickly lead to LED aging, stability reduction. In addition, unreasonable configuration often leads to the specific use situation can not reach the expected value.

4. Copper wire impersonating gold wire and controller problems

Many LED manufacturers are trying to develop alternatives such as copper alloy, gold-covered silver alloy wire, and silver alloy wire to replace expensive gold wire. Although these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some characteristics, they are much less stable in terms of chemical stability, for example, silver wire and gold-covered silver alloy wire are susceptible to sulfur/chlorine/bromine corrosion, and copper wire is susceptible to oxidation vulcanization. For encapsulated silica gel similar to absorbent breathable sponge, these alternatives make the bonding wire more vulnerable to chemical corrosion, the reliability of theLED solar outdoor light source is reduced, the use of a long time, LED beads are more likely to break the wire dead lamp.

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