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Gray hair is a common sign of aging. You may also experience hair thinning or hair loss as you get older. Perhaps you are wondering what gray hair means for your health—or maybe you are looking for helpful solutions for hair regrowth. Whatever your reason for reading this guide, we will explain why you will see a change in hair color as you age, as well as how to care for both male and female hair loss. You will also discover a hair loss treatment for men and women that will help to improve your confidence and enhance your wellness.

What Causes Gray Hair?

If you are noticing gray in your hair, you may be wondering what causes it. The health and beauty experts at WebMD explain that your hair follicles have pigment cells. These cells make melanin, which gives your hair its unique color. As you get older, the cells do not reproduce like they used to. The result is less pigment, which makes new hair strands grow lighter.

Why Gray Hair & Hair Loss Are Related

Gray hair and hair loss are not only two typical signs of aging—they may actually be related to each other. This link between graying and thinning hair was found through cancer research. A scientist in Texas discovered a protein called KROX20 that not only affects cancerous tumor growth but also impacts the skin cells that form your hair shafts.

In fact, says the doctor and his team, the protein has the power to turn these cells on and off. When turned to the “on” position, they produce another protein known as Stem Cell Factor (SCF), which is critical in creating hair color.

During the course of their studies, Dr. Le and his team deleted the KROX20 protein cells in mice. The mice did not have any skin cells turn into hair shafts, so their hair fell out. When the SCF protein cells were deleted from the mice’s skin cells, their hair turned gray and then white. This means that while KROX20 and SCF may not be the only reasons for hair falling out or turning gray, they definitely have an impact on your hair health.

More research must be done on hair loss and graying strands, but what we do know is that your age and your genetic makeup affect the wellness of your locks. While you cannot completely reverse the aging process or change your heredity, you can use innovative treatments and therapies to enhance your natural hair color and improve its thickness.

How to Care for Graying Hair

If your hair is just starting to change color and you would like to alter it, you can try one of the many lifestyle changes or home remedies for gray hair. These include getting the right vitamins to help keep your original hair color for longer. Eat plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables with B vitamins, biotin, and vitamin A. Vitamin D and vitamin E also promote healthy locks. You may also decide to talk to your doctor about taking a multivitamin.

Other solutions include protecting your hair from the sun and stopping certain treatments like hair bleaching and using harsh products. Talk to a stylist about your options for coloring your hair, including natural hair dyes and gentle treatments. They can help you to achieve the color you desire without damaging your hair or hurting your scalp.

How to Promote Hair Regrowth

Now that you know how to care for gray hair, it is time to treat your hair thinning or loss. Massaging your scalp regularly and using a quality clinical hair therapy suite like our YouLumi CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy bundle can help to promote healthy hair growth. Our shampoo, conditioner, revitalizer, and activator use the best ingredients to gently cleanse and moisturize the hair. They also exfoliate the scalp for better hair health.

Our hair therapy bundle is an excellent complement to red light therapy, which is recommended for achieving healthier hair. Our YouLumi red light therapy caps use an innovative and safe technology known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), alternatively referred to as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) in the medical field.

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