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LEDs have become an incredibly popular form of lighting. They are extremely durable, long-lasting, bright, and use minimal power. They used to be expensive and only used for specific purposes, but with the technology today you can get them for quite cheap, for a number of different applications. A great example of this is LED Strip Lighting. As the name would suggest, they are just a strip of led’s that are wired together with double-sided tape on one side. You can cut them at designated intervals (usually every 6cm) and solder your own wires onto each segment. This makes them extremely handy for customizing without much trouble at all.

Today, you can purchase a 5-meter roll-off eBay for under $25. There are plenty of different types of LEDs used in the strip lighting, so make sure you are getting something that is bright enough for your intended use. It pays to think about the amps being used as well, especially if you are running them off a vehicle in the bush. The brighter strip lighting tends to use around 1.2 amps per meter, and if you have several meters in use expect to use a bit of power! Applications for strip lighting range from lights outside of your vehicle through to the interior, inside canopies, in boat cabins, around headlights on vehicles, on alfresco and the list goes on.

Being so easy to work with (all you need is wire and a bit of soldering skill) you can use these for almost anything that you want. Have a good think about how you intend to use the lights. Where you put them is just as important as how you connect them up. Some people just fit alligator clips and connect them up that way, whilst others run them straight to the power source and leave them permanently connected. Switches are well worth thinking about as well, and if you can individually wire up each set of lights you will thank yourself later on. There will be times when you won’t want to turn all of the lights on, and if you have the option to turn just a few on then you will appreciate it.

Overall, LED lights are quickly becoming the cheapest way to get some good quality lighting that isn’t going to cause any problems. If you haven’t looked into using it, now’s the time!


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