Why is the solar street lamp market so hot?

After 2023, the household photovoltaic market basically stagnated, and many dealers began to do all in one solar street lighting business. According to reports, now this business is particularly popular in the countryside, so, how much do you know about this solar street lamp? Why is the market so popular?

solar light

One, Solar street lamp was invented to bring great convenience to human life.

1, in order to better the construction of the city, the city street lamps are generally change for solar street lights, solar street light price is reasonable, used the traditional kind of street lamp installation procedure is complicated, to lay circuit, etc., and the cost of electricity is higher, and to use the wattage larger street lamp holder, not only is dimly lit, more conducive to the light of the city.

solar light

2, and the solar street lamp price is relatively low, energy saving and environmental protection, installation procedures are simpler than the traditional, and do not need to lay a very complex circuit, solar energy price consists of four main parts, LED lamp, lamp pole, panels, and solar street lamp controller.

3, now saving resources has become a problem of the world’s attention, so solar energy was invented to bring a lot of convenience to human life, and our solar radiation is relatively high because solar energy is very rich. 

The price of solar street lamps is not uniform, the price is about 200 yuan to 1000 yuan, compared with the traditional street lamp, the price is much cheaper. 

The reason why the price of street lights is not uniform is not only the difference of its material but also the choice of different brands. For consumers, the brand is also a guarantee of quality.

Most solar street lights can shine for eight to nine hours when fully charged, so the quality of solar street lights can be referenced based on this. In the selection of street lights to take into account the installation of sections, different sections, the environment is not the same, so the specifications to be selected are not the same.

For example, the width of rural roads is less than 10 meters, most of which are between four and six meters, so the wattage selected by the lamp head should be able to shine on the road surface of this width.

4, solar street light working principle: under the control of the intelligent controller during the day solar street light, solar panels through the sun’s irradiation, absorption of solar light and converted into electric energy, solar battery module to charge lithium battery during the day, lithium battery at night to provide power to the LED light source power supply, realize the lighting function. 

Dc controller can ensure that lithium battery is not damaged due to overcharge or over discharge, and has PIR human sensing, light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and other functions.

The working principle of solar street lamp

solar street lamp

1, the working principle of the solar street light is the solar energy into electrical energy to realize lighting, street lamp is at the top of the solar panels and photovoltaic components, during the day these made of polycrystalline silicon pv modules convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in a battery, made under the control of the intelligent controller of solar energy street lamp, solar panels after the illuminate of sunshine, It absorbs solar light and converts it into electric energy. During the day, the solar cell module charges the battery bank. 

In the evening, the electricity is transmitted to the light source through the control of the controller, which illuminates people at night. At night, the battery group provides power to the LED lighting source, to achieve the lighting function.

2, solar street lamp is generated by solar energy, so there is no cable, no leakage and other accidents. The DC controller protects the battery from damage due to overcharge or over  discharge. It also provides light control, time control, temperature compensation, surge protection, and reverse polarity protection. No cables need to be laid, AC power supply is not required, and no electricity is charged.

solar garden light

3, solar street light low-carbon environmental protection, safety and reliability and a series of advantages, recognized by the majority of customers, thus has been vigorously promoted. Therefore, it can be widely used in the city main, secondary roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

The advantages of solar street lamps

1. Wide energy sources

Solar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electric energy, solar energy as a kind of green new energy, “take inexhaustible, inexhaustible”. Making full use of solar energy resources is of positive significance to relieve the shortage of conventional energy.

2, simple and convenient installation

The installation of solar street lamp is simple and convenient. It does not need to do a lot of basic engineering such as laying cables like ordinary street lamp. It only needs to have a fixed base, and all the lines and control parts are placed in the lamp frame to form a whole.

3, low maintenance cost

Solar street lamps are powered by solar energy, which costs almost nothing to run, except for a small amount of electricity when converted to mains power on rainy days. The whole system is automatically controlled without human intervention and almost no maintenance cost.

Finally, the service life of solar street light is usually necessary maintenance, in the early stage of installation, to strictly according to the construction standards to do, in the configuration is also as far as possible reasonable collocation, increase the capacity of the battery, so as to extend the life of solar street light.

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