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We are living in the time of revolution, evolution, and change. Advertising is changing from conventional to digital, all mediums trying to digitize itself, newspaper becoming e-newspaper, TV commercials are shifting on YouTube. Out of Homes is no exception. Airports are one crucial advertising point where you get attention of cream crowd, people who can make decisions.

We Youlumi offer state-of-the-art airport lighting solutions. Our LED lighting fixtures deliver a top quality performance while maximizing energy efficiency and longevity. These options are also highly affordable which we’re able to provide due to our specialized LED technology that maximizes lumens-per-watt.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your airports’ lighting system or replacing existing bulbs in your legacy system, our LED lighting experts can help you complete your project both on time and within your budget.

LED Airport Flood Light has become more popular over the last decade. Aircraft transport is much affordable, reliable & safe because of aviation technology advancement.

In light of this, the number of airport replacing their Metal Halide Lamps with Youlumi LED Apron Flood Lighting in the Airfield is on the surge, and the demand on LED Light is incredibly high. You will enjoy instant benefit of decrease of electricity bill and maintenance cost by using LED Airport Floodlights, because of its lower energy consumption & longer life span, with the fact that almost all airfield comes up with 24-hours operation in order to accommodate more flights (only some of them are closed at certain period of time, such as at night, due to noise restriction & citizen’s complaints); therefore, a long-lasting Flood Lights for Aviation use is vitally important.