Red Light Hand-Held Therapy Bulb

Youlumi supply CE ETL certificate FDA approved red LED light therapy device,  offers the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products. Whether wholesale or immediate purchase, there is always one that suits your needs.

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YouLumi Red Light Therapy Bulb adopts a combination of 660NM and 850NMLED lamp beads.660NM visible light can penetrate into the skin surface layer of 1-2mm to reach the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer, promote the synthesis of collagen by cells, improve the skin condition, and promote wound healing.85ONM near-infrared light can better penetrate into muscle and bone tissues and relieve muscle soreness and bone pain.

red light therapy blubs

Youlumi Red Light Therapy Bulb , the best Infrared LED Light Therapy Bulb on the market right now.

Product specification

Why choose our Youlumi red light therapy blubs? 

  • ⏩ Easy to use: The red light therapy bulbs come which Works with any type of E26 bulb perfectly. Easy to use and can be used where have E26 light base.
  • ⏩ High brightness red LEDs: The lamp has 18pcs high power LEDs, including 9 with 660nm wavelength and 9 with 850nm wavelength near infrared which is not visible. Deep red can be absorbed more effectively by the skin, repair skin problems, increasing energy. increasing energy. increase light penetration through the skin to pain points, more effectively relieving pain.
  • ⏩ Scope of application: Suitable for all people, even your pets. Red light bulbs can be used for the whole body, muscle soreness, joint inflammation pain relief, and long-term work leads to fatigue, LED Red Light therapy has become increasingly popular for the purpose of skin rejuvenation. Whether it be wrinkles, anti-aging facial care, small blemishes, sunburn, cuts or bruises is applicable.
  • ⏩ Red light How Often Can It be Used: Red light therapy Irradiance> 1 inch 160mW/cm²,3 inches 120mW/cm²,6 inches 85mW/cm². Aiming at regional targets, Target on the back, near to face, abdomen, and leg, etc. Keep at a distance of 3″-24″.10-25 minutes every time and do 2-14 times every week according to your body’s requirements & severity.
  • ⏩ Excellent products and gifts: This is the most practical and caring gift for family and friends. Reminders: 1. If you feel uncomfortable during use, stop using it immediately, 2. Do not apply lotion and gel cream when irradiating the red light, So as not to burn the skin.

red light therapy blubs red light therapy blubs


  1. 3535 packaged LED light source, alumina ceramic bracket, low thermal resistance;
  2. The shell is made of plastic-packed die-cast aluminum PAR38 spotlight shell, which has good heat dissipation and does not burn or cut hands;
  3. E26/E27 lamp holder, easy to use;
  4. The light-emitting angle is 30 degrees, and the light power utilization rate is high;
  5. Using AC100-27TV isolated power supply orDC24V low voltage power supply, the power supply has high efficiency and safe use;5. When used with the stand, it can easily adjust the height and direction of the stand according to the needs; the stand has a
  6. timing function, which can adjust the timing time. After starting, the LED digital tube dynamically displays the remaining time of the countdown(Optional).

The red light therapy lamp comes with a socket that Works with any type ofE26/E27 bulb perfectly. Easy to use and can be used anywhere you want with the holder, therapy can expand local blood vessels, enhance blood circulation, improve tissue metabolism and nutritional status enhance immune function, enhance phagocytic function and Nascularpermeabilit is conducive to the absorption of inflammatory exudates and achieves the purpose of treatment. For arthritis, periarteritis, phlebitis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute mastitis, hypertension, low back pain, dysmenorrhea, scabies and swellings, lumps, wound healing mid-wound infection, joint sprains, and much more!

Wholesale red light therapy bulbs

Factory Wholesale Professional Red Therapy Light bulbs With Timer 660nm 850nm For Full Body, Get Top Quality Infrared Red Without a Premium Price.

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