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Buy Best LED Mobile Disk Lights In Youlumi

    • What Is LED Mobile Disk Light?

    LED mobile disk light consumes less power and can be operated at high frequencies. When used in the same lighting effect, the power consumption is one-tenth of that of the traditional light source and one-half of that of a fluorescent tube.

    Portable work lights

    LED mobile disk lights can directly convert electricity into light, and its working principle is to convert electricity into visible light through solid-state semiconductor devices.


    • Why Choose LED Mobile Disk Lights?
    1. LED mobile disk light is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry;


    1. The unique structural design of the light cap can be used for long-distance lighting by concentrating light, and can also be easily converted into floodlight for large-area lighting.


    1. LED mobile disk light has high luminous efficiency, the service life of up to 100000 hours, ultra-low power consumption, and fully meet the needs of all kinds of operation lighting time.


    1. It has humanized design and high safety, meeting the lighting needs of different places.


    Shenzhen YouLumi Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D manufacturer and energy expert of LED mobile disk lights. We have been focusing on LED lights for more than 8 years.


    Our LED mobile disk lights are the ideal solution for large-area lighting. They are widely used in high-impact lighting of mine transportation roads, intersection road engineering, construction sites, activities and general industrial land maintenance plans.


    In addition, they also apply to construction sites, activities, sports, fire departments, roads and civil engineering, rescue, and emergency situations, etc.


    • Advantages Of Youlumi’sLED Mobile Disk Lights:
    1. Our LED mobile disk lights are mobile and portable with a bracket;


    1. The irradiation area of our LED mobile disk lights is wide and the maximum irradiation height is up to 4 meters;


    1. Our LED mobile disk lightshaveIP65 waterproof function and can be used outdoors;


    1. Our LED mobile disk lights are equipped with hook accessories, which can be used for indoor ceilings.


    Our professional service and high-quality products will bring you a good purchasing experience, and Youlumi will become your most trusted partner.


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