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Application of solar street light

All in one Solar street light is a kind of solar energy which uses solar energy and converts the absorbed sunlight energy into electric energy, and then stores the electric energy in the battery.

solar street lights

The solar panels supply power to the load during the day and provide lighting for the load at night, thus achieving 24-hour lighting throughout the day.

When the solar panel is illuminated, the stored electrical energy is converted into light energy to drive the light source of the lamp through sunlight, so that the lamp emits bright light.

Solar street lights made by this principle can have a long service life and greatly reduce the cost of use, which is a new energy system with broad prospects and development potential.

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Main features of YOULUMI solar street light

  • BMS technologyaccelerates battery charging over 30%.
  • Never stop lighting new hi-tech-ALS2.310 for rainy or cloudy days
  • Powerfullithium battery 1500 cycles, widely used in new energy vehicles
  • 4 intelligent core technology breaks the bottleneck of short working time of solar lights in rainy/cloudy days, achieving 100% lighting all year round
  • Intelligent drive leader management: (light control function/five level time control) (dimming function)
  • Each part can be directly replaced to save maintenance cost II. Advantages of solar street light

The application fields of YOULUMI solar street light: courtyard, community, road, parking lot, etc.

Advantages: energy saving and environmental protection, no need for special power lines, no need to pull and connect wires, saving a lot of labor costs and electricity costs.

Long service life: Solar street light uses solar cell module as the light source, and its service life can reach as long as 15-20 years.

Safe and reliable: It is designed with advanced solar photoelectric conversion technology and intelligent controller technology, which has the function of automatically adjusting the working current of the load and the function of self-testing for over-charging and over-discharging.

Low cost of use: Solar street light system is made of various materials, light weight and easy to install.

Long service life: a set of solar street light system can operate stably for more than 20 years.

Simple and flexible operation can be remotely controlled, easy to install and debug.

Scalable: the system can be customized and expanded on demand, greatly improving the investment cost performance.

solar street lights

solar street light classification and application areas

Solar street light is divided into two types: DC type and AC type.

The former takes solar panel as the power supply, uses battery to store electric energy, and stores the electric energy in the battery, when there is a load needs lighting, then the battery power supply to the lamps.

The latter takes solar panel as the power supply, and uses solar controller to control the working voltage and power size to control the working status of each component in the whole system.

Scope of application: suitable for lighting and road maintenance in parks, roads and other public places.

At present, the domestic municipal street lights and tunnel lights use more DC type, because these lamps and lanterns do not need electricity, the demand for electrical energy is less.

And in some mountainous areas, islands and other places due to the lack of power supply and power points, will use AC type lamps and lanterns.

The structure of lamps and lanterns

The main structure of solar street light consists of light pole, distribution box, bracket, etc.

1, solar modules, generally choose poly crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules (such as BIPV)

2, intelligent controller: is composed of intelligent controller and solar controller, the general choice of STC series.

3、Battery: It adopts maintenance-free lead-acid battery (such as lead-acid battery), generally choosing 12V4AH lead-acid battery or 24V5AH lead-acid battery.

4、Waterproof and dustproof structure: the light pole is installed with a waterproof and dustproof protective cover, good performance against rain and snow, and can effectively avoid the impact of rain and dust on the solar panel and LED light source.

5, distribution box: equipped with a control box; used to control the opening and closing of street lights; mainly composed of LED light source and intelligent control system, according to the need to add a variety of colors of LED light source, LED lights with high brightness, long life and other advantages.

solar street light

  1. Lighting materials

Light pole: aluminum alloy material, surface spraying treatment, high strength, not easy to deformation, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and easy to install, light weight, easy heat dissipation, no rust, can meet the requirements of outdoor use.

Lampshade: tempered glass material, light transmission rate up to 98% or more, high strength, can withstand the strong sunlight.

Battery: the use of colloidal zinc phosphate battery. Safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free without mercury elements.

Light pole bracket: stainless steel bracket, with high strength corrosion resistance.

Solar panel: imported monocrystalline silicon solar cells (imported crystalline silicon cells from the United States are more cost-effective).

Controller: the use of internationally renowned brands integrated control system.

Solar Street Light

The choice of light source

Battery as the core component of the solar street light, it is vital to choose the right battery. In order to extend the service life of the solar street light and ensure its good working performance, our battery meets the following conditions.

①Under normal climate, the solar panel generates electricity continuously for at least 4 hours.

②In areas with sufficient sunlight and long duration, the solar panel should have sufficient power generation capacity.

③There is a large enough capacity to store energy (preferably greater than 80%) to ensure that the whole system can be continuously powered.

④When the light intensity exceeds the rated output power of the solar panel (calculated in watts/m2), the battery should have sufficient storage energy.

Storage Battery selection

The Storage battery capacity is proportional to the charging current. When the output voltage is certain, the higher the charging current, the smaller the battery capacity.

In the solar street light system, the capacity of the battery directly affects the power supply capacity and efficiency of the whole system.

Therefore, we need to install the battery in the solar street light system according to the system needs to design the corresponding battery capacity, select the battery in line with GB/T2099.2-20 08 “low-voltage distribution equipment”, GB/T20042-2004 “test methods for electric motors and generators for lighting fixtures” and GB-T10661-1994 “lighting electrical requirements and test methods – general conditions and test methods” standard requirements of the battery.

How do you charge solar lights without sun?

The need for sunlight cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to solar-powered lights.  All in one Solar street lights need direct sunlight during the day in order to deliver their best at night.  Therefore, it is always recommended to install the street lighting in a shadow-free area so that the panels can absorb maximum sunlight.  How about cloudy and rainy days?  How to charge the lights without sunlight.

solar street light

A cloudy or rainy day certainly affects your solar light’s charging ability and there will be a drop in the duration of illumination during such overcast conditions.  However, clouds do not completely block sunlight and solar panels are capable of absorbing any amount of solar radiation that is available.  This helps the solar lights to continue to light up even during rainy days though at a lower voltage.

If you ask this question to a solar light manufacturer or dealer, most of them will say that solar lights work from dusk to dawn, typically averaging 8 hours. However, there are several factors involved to get your solar lights to stay on long at night.  Solar lights are independent outdoor lighting units that are designed to last and are usually installed to illuminate a commercial or residential area or to decorate a garden to enhance the ambiance.  A solar garden light adds brightness to a walkway or driveway and solar street light suit several other applications.

Solar lights operate with the help of solar energy and will remain shining based on the energy they have stored during the day.  A standard solar-powered lighting unit that receives direct sunlight throughout the day will be fully charged by the end of the day.  Nevertheless, many solar users have complained that their lights have not been working all night long.  How much energy gets stored depends on the type of solar panel and battery used and how long a solar light stays lit depends on numerous factors.  There are a few techniques to follow to maximize the lifespan of a solar lighting system.

Purchasing a quality solar unit from a reputable provider solves half the problem. Choosing the right area for installation is the next step.  It is also important to keep your solar system clean and to check the batteries occasionally and replace if necessary.  It is important to always look into the specifications of your solar light.  Street lighting that are designed to perform all night long switch on automatically at dusk and switch off at dawn, staying on throughout the night.  Again, this depends on how well sunlight is absorbed by the panels and how much energy gets stored in the batteries.

You will know what to expect in terms of lighting hours if you choose the right solar system for your lighting requirements.  There are many varieties of solar lights such as solar street lights, solar garden light, solar outdoor lighting, solar outdoor lighting and more.  Each one has its distinctive specifications and you should purchase your light considering your specific needs.  Usually, solar panels last up to 20-25 years and the batteries have a lifespan of around 4-5 years.  If you think your solar lights are not maintaining charge, routine inspection will help you diagnose the problem and you should know when to replace batteries and panels.

For optimal illumination, it is advisable to install your solar light in a shadow-free area where it receives direct sunlight.  The solar light should also be away from street lighting or other bright house lighting as they can diminish your solar light’s longevity and interfere with the performance of the motion sensors.  Solar lights placed near dusty areas, gardens, play areas or busy roads may require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Tips on how to charge solar lights with indirect sunlight

Keep your solar panels cleaned

Solar lights do not require any frequent maintenance; nevertheless, cleaning the solar panels off dust and dirt will help your lights to charge efficiently.  Solar street lights can absorb sunlight even in cloudy weather.  Any dust accumulation on the panels makes it difficult for the panels to get charged.  Cleaning your solar light with clean water and a microfiber cloth will do the trick.

Position your solar led lights correctly

The solar panels must be placed directly facing the sun as there is less sunlight available during cloudy days.  Occasionally trim shrubs or tree branches blocking the panels and also, avoid installing your solar light next to a bright light source.

  • Redirect sunlight with the help of mirrors

If your solar light is installed underneath a shadow, you can take the help of mirrors to redirect sunlight to your solar panels.  Choose mirrors that are bigger than the panels and place the mirror stand in a diagonal position.  This will help to reflect sunlight and charge the battery.

Use artificial lighting for charging

Place your solar light underneath a household light or close to an incandescent light bulb to charge it.  LED flashlights can also be used to charge your solar led lights.  Do this only if you need your solar lights to light up at night during power outages.  Otherwise, there is no point using a hard-wired light to charge an energy-saving light.


The methods discussed above are not as efficient as direct sunlight; however, they can be a lifesaver.  Of course, the best way to charge your solar powered light is in the presence of direct sunlight; however, the lights can get charged even when there is indirect sunlight.  Most of the solar powered light have energy-saving options now which will help the charge to last for 2-3 days if they are exposed to direct sunlight for 7 to 8 hours during the day.

Youlumi, a leading solar led street light distributor in India, deals with compact solar garden light such as Solar European Pathway Light, Solar Vintage Garden Light and Solar Edison Garden Light.  Since they are small in size, they are easily rechargeable and even though not as quickly and efficiently as during sunny days, they can still charge even in indirect sunlight and put out a decent amount of brightness.

You may temporarily use regular batteries to illuminate your solar LEDs.  However, for the long-term operation of your solar lighting units, take time to purchase the appropriate battery option in order to avoid having to replace your entire solar led street light systems due to the damages caused by regular battery usage.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Light

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar power is a kind of inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly new energy resources. The solar street light is one of the applications of solar power.

Solar street light has the advantages of stability, long service life, simple installation, safety, great performance and energy conservation. This kind of light can be widely installed in urban roads, living districts, factories, tourist attractions and parking lots.

solar street light

The solar street light consists of LED light source, solar panels, storage battery, solar charge controller, lamp-post and accessory wire rods. Generally, the solar module is made of monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon. The storage battery is placed underground or in the specialized battery incubator. The battery is generally valve-regulated lead-acid battery, gel battery, iron-aluminum battery or lithium battery. The controller is placed in the lamp-post. It has the function of overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, trickle charge protection, reverse-connection protection, undervoltage protection, light control and time control. In a word, the major function of solar charge controller is protecting the storage battery.

solar street lights

Solar Street Light Operating Principle


In the daytime, solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity under the control of solar charge controller. Solar modules will charge the storage battery. At night, the storage battery supply electricity to LED light source. DC controller can ensure that the storage battery will be protected from damage due to overcharge or overdischarge.


1、Simple installation

The installation of solar street light is simple and convenient without complicated new wiring. It only needs a concrete base and a battery pit. The installation doesn’t need a lot of labor forces, materials and financial resources.

2、Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly

The solar street light converts the sunlight into electricity without electricity consumption. It produces no pollution and no radiation, which conforms to the present environmental protection concept.

3、Safe and durable

The traditional street light may have hidden safety hazards due to construction quality, material aging and power supply disorder; while the solar street light does not utilize the alternating current so that it will not have hidden safety hazards. Nowadays, most solar modules in the market have stable performance for at least ten years due to the mature manufacturing technology. They can generate electricity for twenty-five years or even longer.

4、High technology and low maintenance costs

Regulated by solar charge controller, the solar street light can adjust the light intensity according to the natural brightness and people’s demand. In the remote regions, the maintenance cost for traditional street light is high. However, the solar street light only needs cyclical inspection, thus the maintenance cost is relatively low.


Due to the traditional energy shortage, the application of solar power will be wider. The photovoltaic industry has been an emerging industry these years. The solar street light has been applied to a lot of situations. However, there are also some restraining factors in the application and promotion of solar street light.

1、Large initial investment

One of the factors is the input cost. The initial investment of solar street light is large. According to the survey, the total cost of installing a solar street light is three or four times of the cost of traditional street light with the same efficiency.

2、The service life of storage battery

Generally speaking, the common storage battery can not reach full charge in one year or even half a year. The practical charging efficiency of some of them may decline to 50%, which will definitely influence the lighting condition at night during the continuous raining days. Therefore, it is essential to choose a kind of high-quality battery in installing a solar street light.

4、The low conversion efficiency

The conversion efficiency of solar panels is almost 15%~19%. Theoretically, the conversion efficiency of silicon solar panel is up to 25%. However, this efficiency will be influenced by the buildings around the solar street light.

5、Geographical and weather conditions

The geographical and weather conditions directly influence the lighting condition of the solar street light because the solar power is from the sun. Continuous cloudy and rainy days will affect the lighting, thus the illuminance or brightness of the light is not up to the national standard. What’s worse, the solar street light can not light up.

In conclusion, the photovoltaic industry will continue to develop rapidly in the coming years. With the development and upgrading of the technology, solar street light will be applied much widely.

solar powered street light


Why the push for solar power? What are the advantages of solar power?

At present, solar photovoltaic power generation systems are mainly used in the following three major aspects.

solar powered street light

(1) To provide power for the occasions without power, mainly for the life and production of residents in the areas without power, microwave relay stations and mobile phone base stations to provide power.

(2) Solar daily electronic products, such as all kinds of solar chargers, solar street lights and solar lawn lights, etc.

(3) grid-connected power generation, that is, connected to the national grid. China’s grid-connected photovoltaic power generation has been very mature. Since 2013, the state has introduced a series of policies to promote photovoltaic power generation, encouraging the construction of photovoltaic power generation facilities in industrial and commercial areas, households and public buildings where conditions permit.

Solar products customized battery pack

  1. Advantages of solar power generation

Through the comparative analysis of several common new energy sources such as biomass energy, water energy, wind energy and solar energy, it can be clearly seen that solar power generation has the following unique advantages.

(1) Photovoltaic power generation has economic advantages.

solar street light

The economy of solar energy can be seen from two aspects: first, the solar energy is inexhaustible, and when receiving the solar energy does not levy any “tax”, can be used anywhere; Second, at the current level of technological development, some solar energy has become economical. With the development of science and technology and the breakthrough of human development and utilization of solar energy technology, the economic utilization of solar energy will be more obvious. If the 20th century was the century of oil, the 21st century will be the century of renewable energy (solar).

From the perspective of the construction cost of solar photovoltaic power station, with the large-scale application and promotion of solar photovoltaic power generation, especially the maturity of the upstream crystalline silicon industry and photovoltaic power generation technology, and the composite development and utilization of roof, exterior wall and other platforms, the construction cost of solar photovoltaic power generation per kilowatt is getting lower and lower, which has the same economic advantages compared with other renewable energy sources. And with the implementation of the national parity policy, its popularity will be more and more widespread.

(2) led solar outdoor lightsenergy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source.

According to the calculation, the total amount of led solar outdoor lightsenergy reaching the earth’s surface in a year is equivalent to about 1.892×10^24 tons of standard coal, which is 10,000 times the proven reserves of the world’s main energy. The lifespan of the sun is at least 4 billion years, relative to human history, the led solar outdoor lightsenergy can continue to supply the earth can be said to be unlimited, which determines that the development and utilization of solar energy will be the most effective way to solve the shortage of conventional energy.

(3) No pollution to the environment.

Solar energy, like clean energy such as wind power and tidal power, is an ideal alternative energy source because it produces almost no pollution and has unlimited reserves. Traditional fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) discharge a large number of toxic and harmful substances in the process of use, which will cause serious pollution to water, soil and atmosphere, form greenhouse effect and acid rain, and seriously endanger human living environment and health. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new and relatively clean alternative energy, and solar energy is an ideal clean energy. Is the world’s increasing attention.


From the point of view of the current carbon emission rate (g/kW·h) of various power generation methods, the upstream link is not calculated: 275g/kW·h for coal power generation, 204g/kW·h for oil power generation, 181g/kW·h for natural gas power generation, 20g/kW·h for wind power generation, and solar photovoltaic power generation is close to zero emission. And, in the process of power generation, there is no waste residue, waste, waste water, exhaust gas discharge, no noise, no harmful substances to human health, will not pollute the environment. Photovoltaic power generation is pollution-free

(4) The energy conversion link is the least.

From the aspect of energy conversion, lights solar photovoltaic power generation is the direct conversion of solar radiation energy into electric energy. Among all the renewable energy utilization, solar photovoltaic power generation has the least conversion links and the most direct utilization. Generally speaking, in the energy flow of the whole ecological environment, with the increase of the conversion link and the extension of the conversion chain, the energy loss will be geometrically increased, and the construction, operation cost and instability of the whole system will be greatly increased at the same time. At present, the practical level of photovoltaic conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells is 15%-20%, and the highest level in the laboratory has reached 35%.

solar powered street light

(5) The most economical and environmentally friendly.

From the perspective of resource conditions, especially land occupation, bioenergy and wind energy are relatively strict, while lights solar energy utilization is very flexible. If the land area of solar photovoltaic power generation is 1, wind power is 8-10 times that of solar power, and biomass energy is 100 times that of lights solar power. In the case of hydropower, the construction of a large dam often requires flooding tens to hundreds of square kilometers of land. By contrast, solar outdoor lighting power generation does not need to take up more land, rooftops and walls can become places for solar energy photovoltaic power generation, but also can take advantage of the vast desert of our country, by building the solar energy photovoltaic power generation bases in the desert, directly reduce the desert area of direct solar outdoor lighting radiation to the surface, effectively reduce the surface temperature, and reduce evaporation. In turn, it makes the survival and growth of plants possible to a considerable extent, stabilizes and reduces the dune, and demands the clean and renewable energy needed from nature.

solar street light

(6) Free to use and no transport required.

By means of specialized technology and equipment, the solar energy can be converted into heat or electricity, which can be used on the spot without transportation for the benefit of mankind. And the use of solar energy, an inexhaustible source of energy, is free. Although the solar outdoor lighting radiation is not uniform due to the difference of latitude and climate conditions, compared with other energy sources, solar energy is universal in most areas of the earth and can be used on the spot. This provides a bright prospect for countries and regions lacking in conventional energy to solve energy problems

solar powered street light

Household solar lamp which is better?

Energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon life has become a symbol of the new era. As a new energy, solar energy has been applied in various fields, the most prominent is applied in the city’s road lighting project, but it can also be seen in all aspects of ordinary life, such as solar garden lights, solar energy charging bank, calculator solar cells, solar energy monitoring and so on. Life is always inseparable from the lamp, so now in the consideration of energy saving and environmental protection, many times will choose the solar lamp. Today’s market for solar lamps is a jumble of quality and price (am I right?). What are its price and purchasing techniques? Let’s discuss it together.

solar street light

First of all, do you at least know the basics of solar lamps before you buy them? If you do not want to understand its basic knowledge and do not want to buy inferior or relatively high price outdoor lighting solar products, want to be a white. Then you can rely on your luck or the conscience of the merchants, after all, the market is not full of unscrupulous merchants and inferior products, right? Besides, your luck isn’t as bad outdoor lighting solar as you thought, is it? You’re not gonna make a outdoor lighting solar hole every time, are you? Of course the tuhao can be ignored, you can choose the most expensive! But not necessarily the best.

solar street light

Let’s cut the crap and get to the point. Solar lamps are, after all, a type of lighting, but not one that is connected directly to the mains network and then switched on. Solar lamp is the use of solar panels (photovoltaic panels) to convert light energy into electricity, through the charge and discharge controller to store the energy in the battery, and then the battery through the charge and discharge controller to light LED lamp beads (light ordinary bulbs can also be, but this method has been eliminated) to achieve the lighting function. Of course, the development of solar lamp now also has a lot of auxiliary functions, such as human body induction, voice control function, light control function and so on. Through these functions to achieve: people come to light, people go off the light or light at night and not light in the day and so on some application scenarios. Such a design is to facilitate some scenes in life, in fact, the more important point when saving energy.

solar street light

From the above basic knowledge introduction, we can realize that the basic components  light solar  of the solar lamp are:

  1. Solar photovoltaic power generation
  2. The part of the battery that stores electrical energy
  3. LED lamp bead lighting part
  4. Charge and discharge controller
  5. Shell bracket part

The first three parts are the light solar  basic components and also the key components, so let’s analyze these three parts again, the performance of a sun lamp depends on these aspects.

solar street light

A, solar photovoltaic panel: in ordinary life we see the solar panel is roughly like a square or rectangular board, in fact, the photovoltaic panel is also a lot of components. The basic components of a qualified photovoltaic panel are:

  1. Surface toughened glass
  2. Silicon wafer
  3. Back substrate
  4. Aluminum frame and junction box

These structural components are important for a qualified photovoltaic panel, but the most important is the cell, the crystalline silicon photovoltaic panel. The solar panels on the market today are divided into two kinds of crystalline silicon materials: monocrystalline silicon and polysilicon. The production process and performance parameters of monocrystalline polysilicon are not described here. 

A brief understanding of the difference between the two is good. Monocrystalline silicon and polysilicon are two different substances. The chemical term of polysilicon is glass, and high purity polysilicon material refers to high purity glass. Monocrystal silicon is the real raw material for solar photovoltaic cells and, of course, the main raw material for semiconductor chips. 

Because the production of monocrystalline silicon raw materials are rare and the process is more complex, so the disadvantage of monocrystalline silicon is low yield and high price. But on the other hand, if you buy a monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel for the same price, then you should congratulate yourself on the profit, right? 

However, we should also carefully identify not to buy the recycling of the second hand board or the refurbished disassembly board, after all, be careful, there is no moral bottom line profiteers.

solar street light

So how to distinguish monocrystalline silicon when polysilicon light splitter? Don’t rush to read on! Simply put: the difference between monocrystalline silicon and polysilicon is that their atomic structure is arranged differently, monocrystalline silicon is arranged in order, polysilicon is disordered arrangement. 

This is mainly determined by their processing technology. Polysilicon is produced by casting method, which means that the raw silicon is directly poured into a pot to melt and shape the production. While monocrystalline silicon is improved by a unique method, the process is a process of atomic restructuring, so the single crystal is reordered combination arrangement. 

So to the naked eye, the surface of monocrystalline silicon is very smooth and orderly. The polysilicon surface looks as if there are a lot of broken glass in it, it looks a little rough, but it is shiny and romantic. Monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel has no pattern of dark blue, close to black after packaging. 

The polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel has a crystal pattern, just like the pattern of the snowflake crystallization on the flower iron plate, which is generally light blue. This is the difference in appearance between monocrystalline light solar silicon and polysilicon photovoltaic panels. 

Monocrystalline silicon solar cell is one of the fastest solar cells developed at present. Its light solar composition and production process have been finalized, and the products have been widely used in space and ground facilities. The solar cells are made of highly pure solar outdoor lighting monocrystalline silicon (99.999% purity required). 

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar cells is about 15%, and the high one can reach 24%, which is the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells at light solar present. However, the production cost is relatively large, so it cannot be mass production and widely used. Monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels are generally solar outdoor lighting packaged with toughened glass and waterproof resin, so they are durable and their service life can reach 15 or even 25 years. 

The manufacturing process of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is similar to that of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is much lower, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 12%. Polysilicon solar cells than monocrystalline silicon solar cells production process is simple, the raw material production is also simple, the total production cost is much lower than monocrystalline silicon solar panels. 

So it can be developed in large numbers, and it will be more prevalent in the market. There is polysilicon solar panels than monocrystalline silicon solar panels have a shorter service life, so solar outdoor lighting in summary from the overall cost performance, monocrystalline silicon solar panels or a little better, right?

solar street light

Are solar lights worth it?

With the environmental awareness at an all-time high now, more and more people are looking for ways to switch to eco-friendly lighting options.  If you want to effectively reduce your carbon footprint, solar lights are the best and easiest option.  Solar lights absorb energy produced by the sun and convert it into usable direct electricity.

This process is known as photovoltaic effect.  The energy gets stored into a rechargeable battery and powers the lights in the absence of sunlight.

Solar Street Light

Switching to solar is a significant decision and some people may get nervous about it mainly because the upfront costs are more.  So, it brings us to the question above, are solar powered light worth it?  It is true that compared to traditional lighting, initial investment for solar powered light  is slightly higher.  This is mainly because the components used in a solar lighting unit such as solar panel, battery, LED, controller and other parts are of exceptional quality with longer lifespan.  Regardless, solar lights are worth your money and we will explain how.

The only thing best solar outdoor lighting want for their operation is maximum sunlight throughout the day.  They cost absolutely nothing to operate.  They do not need electricity from a power grid or wire connections.  So how much money can you save in the long term, you can do the math.  The initial cost for a quality solar product is recovered over time as you do not need to pay anything to run the lights.  You also end up saving some money towards installation charges as the lights need no trenching, cable pulling or expensive maintenance.

Solar energy is free and is abundantly available and as long as solar panels can charge in direct sunlight, best solar outdoor lighting will work without any problems, automatically turning on at dusk and turning off at dawn.  Unlike traditional lights, solar lights do not demand any manual assistance for their operation.  Since they rely on weather conditions, partial shade or overcast skies can result in a low light output.  However, modern solar lights have motion sensor features and are equipped to store sufficient amount of energy to light up 2 to 3 consecutive nights.

Modern solar-powered lighting units are completely wireless, with everything essential to run the light contained within the unit.  While solar street lights, solar flood lights, walls or posts, installation of solar garden light usually requires that you stick the attached spike into the ground.  Installation of most of these street lighting can be taken up as DIY projects as long as you follow the installation guidelines.  The biggest advantage is that they can be placed anywhere, urban or rural areas, for decorative or functional purposes, since they do not require a power grid connection to operate.

 Street lighting units require little maintenance.  Solar systems come with quality components that have long life expectancy.  Solar panels offer a service life up to 20-25 years, the batteries last for 4 to 5 years depending on the type and solar LED bulbs have a lifetime of 50,000 hours.  All they need is a quick wipe periodically to remove moisture, dirt or debris as dirty panels can affect the performance of your solar light.  Replacing the battery at the end of its life is also necessary.

Earlier, a considerable drawback with solar panel lights was that they were not as bright as regular lights.  However, the technological advancements in the solar energy sector have been making the efficiency and performance of solar panel lights better and better over the years. Solar street light are being used as security lights with motion sensor and dimming features and solar garden lights are ideal for gardens and pathways to create ambiance in a garden space.  Now, there are many solar lights to choose from depending on your lighting requirements.  There are brighter, softer and dimmer solar lights available in the market and you can purchase your type once you decide whether you want lighting for a few hours or throughout the night.

Solar energy is an unlimited and imperishable form of energy and is available to everyone.  Solar energy sector has evolved over time and has been constantly improving.  Sunlight is available to everyone regardless of their socio-economical background but solar lights may seem unaffordable to a lot of people.  Many solar companies are working towards making solar-powered lights accessible to everyone.  There are many Solar street light available now at reasonable prices if you would like to embrace the benefits of solar energy and make your share of contribution to a better, cleaner world.

How to improve the lifespan of rechargeable batteries?

Life expectancy of solar batteries is determined by their usage cycles.  Lead acid battery is expected to give around 300 to 700 cycles and lithium batteries provide almost 2000 cycles.  In other words, the estimated life of lead acid batteries is around 3 to 5 years, lithium ion batteries have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years and LiFePO4 batteries usually last for 5 to 6 years.

Always purchase your solar street lamp from a reputed manufacturer/dealer.  The battery must have a good manufacturer warranty.

High temperature settings can adversely affect the life cycle of your battery; therefore, install your solar street lamp in a climate-controlled location.

Do not store your solar batteries inside or leave them idle for too long as they are likely to be damaged when not charged and discharged regularly.

Learn about different types of solar batteries and what goes into your solar lights.

Keep your solar panels clean for better illumination and longer battery life.


You may temporarily use regular batteries to illuminate your solar LEDs.  However, for the long-term operation of your solar lighting units, take time to purchase the appropriate battery option in order to avoid having to replace your entire solar lighting systems due to the damages caused by regular battery usage.

Reasons why solar street lights replace traditional street lights

We all know that road lighting is an important part of urban lighting. In the past, we used traditional street lights, and now traditional street lights are slowly being phased out, and solar street lights have become a popular product. What are the advantages of solar LED street lights over traditional street lights? Why can it gradually replace traditional street lights? The following editor of Century Sunshine Lighting will tell you:

1. More energy saving and environmental protection

In the past, ordinary street lamps contained some harmful substances and harmful rays in the spectrum. LED street lights have no mercury, no ultraviolet rays, and no radiation, which is more conducive to environmental protection and human eye health. Compared with ordinary street lights, LED street lights are indeed an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting product, which is more in line with our needs.

2. Low input cost

Traditional street lamps in the laying project are much more complicated than LED street lamps. Not only digging holes, but also leading the way, the manpower and material resources are very expensive, and the electricity bill of traditional street lamps is high, and the cost is relatively high.

LED street lights not only do not need to dig holes or even cables, but also need to intercept 1/3 of ordinary street lights, saving a lot of manpower and material costs. “Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights are a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly product. The cost of LED street lights is much lower than ordinary street lights.

In addition, the maintenance cost of LED street lamps is also extremely low, and the full investment cost can be recovered in less than 6 years.

Youlumi Sunshine Lighting | Reasons why solar street lights replace traditional street lights

3. Lighting brightness

Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights have stronger lighting functions. A 60W LED street lamp can reach the brightness of a 250W high-pressure sodium lamp, which not only saves a lot of electricity, but also greatly improves the brightness. The light color of LED street lights is uniform, it does not add lenses, and does not sacrifice uniform light color to improve brightness, which is a very good product.

4. Reliable quality

I believe many people will care about the quality of LED street lights, now let’s talk about its quality. In fact, for LED street lights, you can rest assured, because its circuit power supply uses high-quality components, and each LED has its own over-current protection, so there is no need to worry about damage. More importantly, it is waterproof and shock-resistant, and its quality is absolutely safe and reliable.

Generally speaking, LED street light is a good product that is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Due to its many advantages, it has gradually entered people’s field of vision and has become the best energy-saving light source in the world, replacing traditional street lights. It is also the best choice for road lighting! If you need to buy LED street lights, we must choose regular street light manufacturers to ensure product quality and follow-up speed!

5. High safety factor

In the past, we also mentioned that ordinary street lamps, that is, high-pressure sodium lamps, contain harmful substances and harmful rays in the spectrum, which will pollute the environment and cause slight damage to the human body. “Not only that, the installation of ordinary street lights is complicated, and accidents such as fire and electric shock may also occur during use. LED street lights will be more reassuring, and safety risks can be greatly reduced in installation and use.

Six, long service life

We all know that whether the lifespan of this street lamp is long or not actually has a great impact. If the lifespan is not long, it means that it needs to be replaced frequently. Frequent replacement is not only costly, but also causes a lot of inconvenience. Especially when changing, it will affect the traffic, and there are many troubles in reinstalling.

How Do Solar Lights Work

Solar LED lights,These light solar depend on photovoltaic cells, which are responsible for absorbing solar energy during the daytime. These cells convert solar energy into usable electrical energy that can power the lamps during nighttime.

This process repeats daily and can become a sustainable energy source for the streetlight while the sun is up.Solar LED lights are incredibly efficient in the same way standard solar energy is efficient. In addition, solar LED lights are entirely off-grid and incorporate battery technology.

The world is pushing for more renewable energy to avoid the adverse effects of climate change. According to World Energy, just the average global solar radiation per year can produce just as much energy needed as 140 m3 of natural gas, 200 kg of coal, or a barrel of oil. 

This means, under the right optimisation process, solar energy can indeed replace modern energy sources we have today.The use of solar photovoltaic power generation is an irreversible trend of energy utilization. China has become the second largest electricity consumption market in the world after the United States, and its demand growth rate is the highest in the world. 

However, due to the shortage of petroleum energy and the urgency of coal resources, the existing power generation methods are far from meeting the demand for electricity consumption. The promotion of solar power generation is quite urgent, and the market potential is huge. Aiming at the market and accelerating development, the light solar industry is bound to be promising.

led street light

Working principle:

The solar power generation system is composed of solar battery pack, solar controller and storage battery (pack). If the output power supply is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required. The functions of each part are:

A-Solar panel:Solar panel is the core part of the solar power generation system, and also the most valuable part of the solar power generation system. Its function is to convert the solar radiation capacity into electric energy, or send it to the storage battery for storage, or promote the load work. The quality and cost of solar panels will directly determine the quality and cost of the entire system.

B-Solar controller: the function of the solar controller is to control the working state of the whole system, and to protect the battery from overcharge and over discharge. In places with large temperature difference, the qualified controller shall also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional functions such as light control switch and time control switch shall be optional for the controller.

C-Battery: generally lead acid battery. In small and micro systems, nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery or lithium battery can also be used. Its function is to store the electric energy generated by the solar panel when there is light and release it when needed.

In the solar power generation system, the most complex component of technology should be solar cells. It can be said that the solar cell is the core of the solar power generation system, and its development and production directly affect the popularization and development of solar power generation.The main principle of the solar cell is to place the thinner N-type semiconductor on the thicker P-type semiconductor by using semiconductor materials. 

When photons hit the surface of the device, the junction surface of the P-type and N-type semiconductor has electron diffusion to generate current, which can be led out by using the metal conductors at the upper and lower ends.The types of solar cells can be divided into: 

1. silicon solar cells; 

2. Batteries made of inorganic salts such as gallium arsenide III-V compound, cadmium sulfide, copper, indium and selenium; 

3. Solar cells made of functional polymer materials; 

4. Nanocrystalline solar cells, etc. Silicon is the most ideal solar cell material, which is the main reason why solar cells are mainly made of silicon. 

Among the above batteries, monocrystalline silicon solar cells have the highest conversion efficiency and the most mature technology, with the photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 23.3%. In the process of fabrication, surface texturing, passivation of emission region, zoning doping and other technologies are generally used. 

However, due to the influence of the price of monocrystalline silicon materials and the corresponding cumbersome processes, the cost of monocrystalline silicon remains high. It is very difficult to significantly reduce the cost, and it is impossible to achieve the large-scale popularization of solar power generation.

D-Inverter: 220VAC, 110VAC AC power supply is required in many occasions. The direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. In order to provide power to 220VAC electrical appliances, it is necessary to convert the DC power generated by the solar power generation system into AC power, so DC-AC inverter is required. In some cases, when multiple voltage loads are required, DC-DC inverters are also used, such as converting 24VDC electrical energy into 5VDC electrical energy (note that voltage reduction is not simple).

Installation :

Integrated street solar light only need to install the solar power light to the solar light pole.Keep the solar panel towards the sun to ensure that it can be charged well, and in this way solar panel can charge built-in Li-ion battery effectively.

First,Use the supplied screws to fix the bracket in the solar power light.Then Use the supplied screws to fix the solar power light on the solar light pole.Turn on the solar power light: Press the switch button,the PIR sensor indicator flashes,about 15s.Remove the remote control battery insulation paper and check that the remote control switch is turned on.

Note: When starting the street solar light during the day when the light is strong, the solar panel needs to be completely blocked, and the light will only start when it is in the dark.

Remote control control: Remove the battery insulation paper to control the product. When the remote control turns off the product and needs to start it again , the indicator light flashes, and the product lights up for about 5s.

A: 2H100%+2H70%+8H30%

B:2H [No motion(30%)-Motion (100%)]+2H [No motion (30%)-Motion(70%)]+8H(No motion

(10%)+Motion(30%)Induction lasts for 25 seconds.

C:2H100%+2H70%+8H [No motion (10%)+Motion(30%)+Induction lasts for 25 seconds].

 Working hours: 12H per night ,4-6 rainy days

Charging time: 6-7H(with enough strong shine by sun).

1.Do not install the solar led light against the sun, under the shadow or between two buildings which height above the lamp.Otherwise, it will lead to insufficient absorption of sunlight and insufficient brightness and time;

2.Do not use the solar led light in the environment temperature above 45c or below 0c, otherwise will cause the rapid attenuation of the battery and affect the battery life, even damage;

3.Do not use the non-standard installation accessories to install the lamp, otherwise any accident is caused will be borne by the installer;

4.Choose the suitable lighting mode according to local sunshine.

5.Please charge the product every 3 months to ensure the activity of the lithium battery;6. lf you storage the product over one year, please do fully charge and discharge inspection and make sure the battery is in good condition, otherwise, it is forbidden to use!

The role of the solar controller

With the development of technology, most of the current street lamps are converted by Solar LED light photoelectricity, so that energy saving, safety and convenience can be achieved. Moreover, there is a Solar LED light street light controller inside, which can be controlled and displayed by a microprocessor. 

The intelligent charge and discharge controller uses high-quality, low-loss, and long-life components to ensure its reliable performance, so that the Solar LED street light system can last for a long time. Normal work, reduce system maintenance costs. So what is the role of the solar street light controller? Next, the editor of Century Sunshine Lighting will introduce it to you.

solar light

1. Control function

The basic function of the solar street light controller is of course to have a control function. When the Street lighting panel shines on the Street lighting energy, the solar panel will charge the battery. At this time, the controller will automatically detect the charging voltage, so as to output voltage to the solar lamps. Only then will the solar street light shine.

What are the functions of Youlumi Sunshine Lighting|LED solar outdoor light Street Light Controller?

When the sun shines on the LED solar outdoor light panel, the LED solar outdoor light panel will charge the battery. At this time, its voltage is very unstable. If it is charged directly, it may reduce the service life of the battery, and may even cause damage to the battery.

 The controller has a voltage stabilizing function in it, which can carry out constant voltage and current limiting on the voltage input to the battery. When the battery is fully charged, it can charge a small part of the current or not charge it.

solar street light

3. Boosting effect

The controller of the LED solar outdoor light street light also has a boost function, that is, when the controller cannot detect the voltage output, the solar street light controller controls the output voltage from the output terminal. If the voltage of the battery is 24V, but it needs 36V to achieve normal lighting, Then the controller will increase the voltage to allow the battery to reach a level where the lights can be turned on. This function is to be able to realize the lighting of LED lights through the solar street light controller.

Established in July 2012, ShenZhen Youlumi Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing LED lighting products. We have a professional and experienced R&D team determined to overcome the challenges of the design, development and production phases of lighting manufacturing. 

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Since Youlumi LED was founded,we began with a focus on quality-engineered. LED bulb and corn light products. The next year our embedded-driver design became an industry standard (as well as widely copied!). 

In this way, we both drive market demand with our innovations as well as respond to market demand by listening closely to and working with our customers. At Youlumi, we believe that working together ensures. The greatest success and we can best address our customers’ needs through mutual development and cooperation.

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We continue to develop new products. The primary application of our products is in warehouses, shopping malls, commercial facilities, and diverse outdoor settings. These products have formed the foundation of our success in the European and American markets. 

Our products replace all legacy light sources, including fluorescent, CFL, HPS, and Metal Halide, with superior lumens output performance at a fraction of the cost to run. Our primary goal is to assist our customers in decreasing their electricity costs while achieving environmentally-friendly status like Green certification. 

Our company slogan: “Market-oriented and focused on manufacturing exceptionally competitive products.” We truly hope for beneficial mutual development and cooperation.


With high-tech R&D and design team, we will promote the upgrading of LED lighting products with independent innovation as the leading factor. 


Reflow soldering to solder the SMD components and PCB with solder paste. 


With a team of professional illumination engineers, it’s able to provide engineering light distribution supports according to customers’demands, as well as LED optic test, data acquisition and settlement. 

It can also construct advanced optical and electrical test platform and data measurement for LED photometric characteristic while the professional LED illumination experts will provide comprehensive LED optical technology solutions for customers. 

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About Solar street lighting systems

The recent world suffers from pollution which is also generated as a byproduct of the production of energy. Usually, the electricity is generated from nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels which will run out soon. The world is trying to better itself by moving to solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.

Hence Solar energy is one of the best alternatives to replace non-renewable resources.

The sun is an incredible and renewable resource that has the power to fuel life on earth and provide clean, sustainable energy to all of its inhabitants.  In fact, more energy from the sun reaches our planet in one hour than is used by the entire population of the world in one year.  The sun’s energy can be converted into electricity through solar photovoltaic (PV) modules (photo = light, voltaic = electricity).

PV modules absorb sunlight and convert the energy into a usable form of electrical current.  The sun shines all over the world, making solar electricity viable anywhere. Because solar can be paired with batteries for energy storage, solar electric systems can be independent of the utility grid, making them cost-effective for remote locations. 

Solar modules have no moving parts making maintenance costs low, and they are highly reliable with a long service life of 25+ years of guaranteed electricity. Solar electricity relies on the sun as its fuel source, so there is no need to drill for petroleum-based fuels, refine them, or deliver them to the site. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages of solar energy.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy and also available abundantly around the world. This advantage of street post lights has a greater impact on the current society in terms of economic and environmental issues. The majority of the grid energy is consumed by industries and public infrastructures, The Solar street Lighting system provides the ultimate solution for a better world.

led street light

LED solar street light is an off-grid system, which means it is independent of the energy produced and supplied by the grid. Solar-powered street lights can produce their own energy and consume by themselves.

The advantage of Solar street light proves that the solar-powered LED street lights are one of the best available energy-efficient solutions in the lighting market. These types of solar led lights have economic, environmental, and social advantages.

Considering the economic perspective, affording led solar panel lights are the only big investment to be made. The lamp solar in-turn takes care of itself for a long period without making the user pay any electricity bill. The ease of utilizing solar energy is one of the reasons why most of the countries with high solar irradiation are seeking the adoption of these street solar led lights.

There is also an environmental advantage of lamp solar. PV panels of the solar LED street lights have zero carbon emissions and the LED lamps of these street post lights have very low carbon emissions compared to the carbon emissions of conventional lighting technology. Since lesser carbon emission leads to a better environment, which in-turn proves solar street lamps are eco-friendly.

To make you understand deeply how beneficial solar street lighting is for the environment, the fact that led solar panel lights produce 96-98% less carbon emission when compared to conventional lighting proves it all.

Finally, solar street lighting systems not only saves the environment but the system can also be used to illuminate remote areas, villages, towns and cities across the world which improves people’s lives.

solar street light

Solar street lighting systems are the most energy-efficient outdoor lighting technologies on both the production and consumption sides. Solar street lighting work by producing electricity from the incident sun rays then store it in the batteries and power the lamp during the night.

The question is, what is the most energy and also cost-efficient lighting technology to be adopted in the solar street lamp systems?

There are several types of lighting technologies in the market such as HPS, Incandescent, Metal Halide and so on. Presently the best available lighting technology is LED.

LED lighting has operating hours from 50,000 up to 100,000 hrs and also with luminous efficacy from 130 to 170 lm/w, which is much higher than the other conventional lighting technologies. Besides that, LED lighting is characterized by a 90 colour rendering index with colour temperatures ranging from 3,200k-6,400k.

outdoor solar street lights

Furthermore, led solar panel light is the most flexible lighting technology among the others. It consists of a high-dimming control system to save energy, which is manufactured to program and adjust according to the End-User requirements.

Last but not least, LED lighting can be operated or started immediately, while the other technologies take almost 10-15 seconds to emit light.

Here in the following table, you can check the parameters of LED lighting and other conventional lighting technologies.

street lighting

Outdoor solar lights can transform your backyard into an inviting oasis, light the path to your front door after dark, and even help deter intruders. No matter which type you choose, these versatile lights take in sunlight during the day to illuminate your yard at night.

Sun exposure and making sure there is enough sun in your yard to charge your lights would be top of the list.The Outdoor Solar Spotlights, comes with two different brightness modes, which provide ample lighting for illuminating houses, driveways, landscaping, and more. Plus, you can adjust the angle of the solar panel to receive as much sunlight as possible during the day, as well as the angle of the light to direct it where it’s most needed.

The best solar lights will illuminate your backyard when the sun goes down, and transform your lifeless patio. They can add to the ambience wherever placed, and also keep your visitors safe when it gets darker.

But, with so many solar lights on the market, it can often be tricky to know which one is suitable for your home.  First you need to consider whereabouts you want them located. Is it for a large, outdoor space, balcony or front porch? Ranging from ground lights, and path lights to decorative, string lights, there’s a design for every home. In addition, how easy is it to install and use? Most solar lights are simple to set up with little fuss.

Different with traditional solar street light, it split the whole solar led street light into two parts — The solar power lighting system and the led fixture. Hence it’s quite easy for installation and maintenance. Compare with all in one solar street light, it is available to extend the power in a very simple way which is due to our patent design.

We’ve selected the best solar lights to suit every backyard, lifestyle and budget. And if you want to spruce up your backyard on a budget,contact us.

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