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Solar street lights need to be tested for what performance

Solar street lamps will do a lot of tests before the design and production, to test whether their performance meets the national quality requirements and standards, whether it meets the basic specifications and safety standards of solar street lamps, etc., the quality inspection before delivery is more strict and rigorous. Solar street lamps generally need to test the following performance.

1. Photoelectric performance test

The test can effectively detect whether the actual parameters of the solar street lamp have the problem of virtual mark. The luminous efficiency, color temperature, color difference, input and output power, and whether the current and voltage are stable can be detected by the test.

2. Quality of core light source of solar street lamp

The quality of solar street lamp LED light source needs to test the lens process evaluation, packaging glue type, whether there are pollutants, bubbles, air tightness evaluation, chip process evaluation, chip graphics and microstructure measurement, defect search, chip pollutants identification, whether there is leakage, whether there is damage.

 Lead bonding process evaluation, welding morphology observation, arc height measurement, diameter measurement, lead composition identification, etc.

3. Heat dissipation performance of lamps

The integrated solar street lamp is a whole set of batteries, controllers, and LED light sources in one, with good tightness, so heat dissipation should be taken into account when working discharge. As a new type of energy-saving lamp, only 30-40% of the electric energy is converted into light in the lighting process, and the rest is converted into heat energy.

 And the life and quality of the lamp are closely related to the temperature, LED lamp temperature, shell temperature, and heat dissipation temperature will be related to the uniformity of the degree of illumination and quality of life.

Solar street lights need to be tested for performance

4, waterproof and dustproof performance of lamps

Solar street lamps have certain protection level standards, which are generally represented by IP plus numbers. Solar street lamps are usually IP65, IP66, IP67, and must at least reach IP65 waterproof and dustproof level. IP67 level is the highest level of solar street lamps at present.

5. Quality evaluation of solar street lamp power supply

The function of the drive power is to convert the AC mains into a suitable direct current. Reliability, efficiency, power, driving mode, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overvoltage protection, temperature negative feedback protection, and other factors should be considered in the selection and design of a driving power supply.

6. Appearance inspection of solar street lamp

Appearance check, size check, material check, assembly check.

7, solar street lamp wind resistance

Solar street lamp is a key factor of the wind resistance of the lamp pole test, because the lamp pole is a certain height, the lamp pole from the material or size ratio should be measured in accordance with the basic data wind resistance coefficient, the general solar street lamp selection is a ten grade typhoon resistance coefficient. 

Especially in the coastal typhoon zone and the northwest area with large windblown sand, the wind-resistant design and wind-resistant ability of solar street lamps must be considered.

8, solar lighting lightning protection design performance

Solar street lighting in summer thunderstorm weather, especially pay attention to lightning protection, solar street lighting products themselves are low voltage, equivalent to its own lightning rod, low pole light is very unlikely to be struck by lightning, but high pole light or to consider and test lightning protection performance.

9. Continuous rain and light duration test

Solar street lamps in use process are the main concern of the rainy day not bright lights or light time is short, to reach the desired ideal effect, so the factory in production of the factory will test before the morning light rainy time length, according to the test data, according to different regions and climate differences, setting and debugging days duration rainy daylight lamp solar street lamps, generally 3 to 5 days, Configure high Settings for 5-7 days.

Solar street lamps after the above performance test leave the factory safely, not only to ensure product quality, and manufacturer reputation, but also to ensure the safety and rights, and interests of consumers, to avoid return and exchange, reduce the cost and expenditure of after-sales service.

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YOULUMI all-in-one solar street light

YOULUMI all-in-one solar street light is a small solar power generation system that uses solar panels to supply power, stores electrical energy in lithium batteries, and supplies the lithium battery’s electrical energy to LED lights at night. 

The power supply system of this H series 40W, 60W, 80W, and 100W all-in-one solar street light is mainly composed of solar panels, lithium batteries, photovoltaic controllers, lamps, LED modules, and other patented accessories. The biggest advantage of this light is that its solar panel, battery, and LED light source are integrated, which can effectively prevent the battery from being stolen.

This range of all-in-one solar street lights is easy to install on poles and looks great on both main streets and country roads. Our special design is to put the battery box outside the lamp body, which is very convenient for after-sales maintenance if needed later. 

YOULUMI’s H series housing is made of special aluminum and iron materials. The holes in the lid are not only good-looking but also help with heat dissipation. The whole lamp has an elegant design, strong technical support, and excellent performance.

H series All-in-one LED solar street lights, also known as all-in-one solar street lights, are equipped with human PIR sensors, no one is nearby, the solar street lights will only maintain 30% brightness, and when someone walks under the street lights, the solar street lights will change. 

100% brightness, the sensor saves electricity to the maximum extent, it is very suitable for use in mountainous areas with less traffic, and the lamp has a light control function, which automatically turns on the lights at dusk and automatically turns off the lights at dawn, which is very intelligent.

We bet you have some questions. Want to know more about Solar Lighting International’s Stealth “All-in-One Solar” Lighting Solution Package?

We have the answer!


Our invisible solar lighting systems include a compact, high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, >165 lumens per watt tunable LED modules, a long-life LiFePO4 battery, a 15m (50 ft) PIR motion sensor and timer.


Why monocrystalline solar panels? By choosing monocrystalline solar modules, Solar Lighting International knows it will generate more energy, work better at high temperatures and last longer than polycrystalline panels. We build these products for our end users – you want a budget-friendly product that will last and that’s what we deliver.


What is “>165 lumens per watt”? Why does it matter? Because we produce more light, using less energy than our competitors.


4000 lumens – this is our entry-level unit.

6000, and 8000 lumens are our medium picks when you need an extra amount of light.

10,000 lumens is for customers who need the best. A light designed for a large area or multi-lane roads,

Remember watts don’t matter – lumens matter! Lumens tell you how much light a light fixture can emit, watts only tell you how much electricity it consumes. The higher the lumen/watt ratio, the better and brighter you can expect from a system.

Youlumi’s Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are very popular these days as more and more people understand the benefits of solar street lights. Not only are solar street lights better than traditional lighting solutions, but they can also save you a lot of money in the long run because they don’t increase your electricity bills.

Solar Street Light

Buyer's Guide for Solar Street Lights

Before you decide to buy, be sure to check some basic things, such as:

Lighting: Well, it doesn’t make sense to buy a light if it’s not bright enough, right? Having said that, you should always check the number of LEDs in the light, and the brightness level usually mentioned in lumens.

Waterproof rating: Since street lights are installed outdoors, they need to be strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions such as storms. To ensure this, please make sure that the solar light you buy has a waterproof or dustproof rating such as IP65, IP67, etc.

Battery Life: Solar street lights do not require any electrical connection to work as they draw their power from a built-in solar rechargeable battery. Therefore, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the lamp will work. You can check the battery capacity (in mAh) and make sure it lasts at least 6-8 hours to provide all night lighting.

Like these few factors, there are many other very important things that every new buyer should consider.

Solar Street Light

Are solar street lights worth the money?

We’re all a little nervous about making financial decisions that could bring good news or bad luck. If you’re looking to save money on solar street lights, we know how you feel. Street lighting isn’t easy on the wallet, so if you make the wrong decision about lighting, it can have lasting financial consequences. 

Some people are a little nervous about switching to solar lighting simply because it has a higher upfront cost. We’ve heard a lot of similar talk about the price of solar lighting. However, we’re here to let you know that solar street lights are worth the price because they can save businesses and cities thousands of dollars in upfront costs and time.

How are solar street lights worth the money?

We will be transparent – on average, buying a solar light in advance will cost you around $1000. The money is used for additional components such as solar panels, solar cells, electrical management components and other components.

However, the savings mainly come from three factors:

You save on energy bills (you no longer have to pay for them)

Inexpensive, durable LED bulbs

Save on trenching, wiring and other hidden costs

How much?

It depends on the nature of the project. Typically, solar lighting projects save about 20% on the original price of traditional lighting. Save even more on some past projects, sometimes as much as 45% off the original price.

If you would like to convert your street lighting to solar, please contact us and our solar experts can quote you and see how much you can save. Or, if you want to learn more about how solar lighting works, feel free to download our Solar Lighting PDF with tons of new information.

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Why is the solar street lamp market so hot?

After 2022, the household photovoltaic market basically stagnated, and many dealers began to do solar street lighting business. According to reports, now this business is particularly popular in the countryside, so, how much do you know about this solar street lamp? Why is the market so popular?

solar light

One, Solar street lamp was invented to bring great convenience to human life.

1, in order to better the construction of the city, the city street lamps are generally change for solar street lights, solar street light price is reasonable, used the traditional kind of street lamp installation procedure is complicated, to lay circuit, etc., and the cost of electricity is higher, and to use the wattage larger street lamp holder, not only is dimly lit, more conducive to the light of the city.

solar light

2, and the solar street lamp price is relatively low, energy saving and environmental protection, installation procedures are simpler than the traditional, and do not need to lay a very complex circuit, solar energy price consists of four main parts, LED lamp, lamp pole, panels, and solar street lamp controller.

3, now saving resources has become a problem of the world’s attention, so solar energy was invented to bring a lot of convenience to human life, and our solar radiation is relatively high because solar energy is very rich. 

The price of solar street lamps is not uniform, the price is about 200 yuan to 1000 yuan, compared with the traditional street lamp, the price is much cheaper. 

The reason why the price of street lights is not uniform is not only the difference of its material but also the choice of different brands. For consumers, the brand is also a guarantee of quality.

Most solar street lights can shine for eight to nine hours when fully charged, so the quality of solar street lights can be referenced based on this. In the selection of street lights to take into account the installation of sections, different sections, the environment is not the same, so the specifications to be selected are not the same.

For example, the width of rural roads is less than 10 meters, most of which are between four and six meters, so the wattage selected by the lamp head should be able to shine on the road surface of this width.

solar garden light

4, solar street light working principle: under the control of the intelligent controller during the day solar street light, solar panels through the sun’s irradiation, absorption of solar light and converted into electric energy, solar battery module to charge lithium battery during the day, lithium battery at night to provide power to the LED light source power supply, realize the lighting function. 

Dc controller can ensure that lithium battery is not damaged due to overcharge or over discharge, and has PIR human sensing, light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and other functions.

The working principle of solar street lamp

solar street lamp

1, the working principle of the solar street light is the solar energy into electrical energy to realize lighting, street lamp is at the top of the solar panels and photovoltaic components, during the day these made of polycrystalline silicon pv modules convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in a battery, made under the control of the intelligent controller of solar energy street lamp, solar panels after the illuminate of sunshine, It absorbs solar light and converts it into electric energy. During the day, the solar cell module charges the battery bank. 

In the evening, the electricity is transmitted to the light source through the control of the controller, which illuminates people at night. At night, the battery group provides power to the LED lighting source, to achieve the lighting function.

2, solar street lamp is generated by solar energy, so there is no cable, no leakage and other accidents. The DC controller protects the battery from damage due to overcharge or over  discharge. It also provides light control, time control, temperature compensation, surge protection, and reverse polarity protection. No cables need to be laid, AC power supply is not required, and no electricity is charged.

solar garden light

3, solar street light low-carbon environmental protection, safety and reliability and a series of advantages, recognized by the majority of customers, thus has been vigorously promoted. Therefore, it can be widely used in the city main, secondary roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

The advantages of solar street lamps

1. Wide energy sources

Solar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electric energy, solar energy as a kind of green new energy, “take inexhaustible, inexhaustible”. Making full use of solar energy resources is of positive significance to relieve the shortage of conventional energy.

2, simple and convenient installation

The installation of solar street lamp is simple and convenient. It does not need to do a lot of basic engineering such as laying cables like ordinary street lamp. It only needs to have a fixed base, and all the lines and control parts are placed in the lamp frame to form a whole.

3, low maintenance cost

Solar street lamps are powered by solar energy, which costs almost nothing to run, except for a small amount of electricity when converted to mains power on rainy days. The whole system is automatically controlled without human intervention and almost no maintenance cost.

Finally, the service life of solar street light is usually necessary maintenance, in the early stage of installation, to strictly according to the construction standards to do, in the configuration is also as far as possible reasonable collocation, increase the capacity of the battery, so as to extend the life of solar street light.

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