LED Corn Light

Basic information

led corn light is a kind of led lamp, because the maximum luminous Angle of led is 120 degrees, considering the uniform luminous, specially designed to 360 degrees luminous, its shape is like corn cob, especially called led corn lamp.


LED is known as the fourth generation of lighting light source or green light source, with energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics, can be widely used in a variety of indications, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban night scene and other fields. Some economically developed countries in the world around the development of LED launched a fierce technical competition.

Since 2000, the United States has invested 500 million US dollars to implement the “National Semiconductor Lighting Plan”, and the European Union also announced the launch of a similar “rainbow plan” in July 2000.With the support of the “863” program, The development of semiconductor lighting was first proposed in June 2003.Over the years, led work light, with its advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, has been paid attention to by the state and governments at all levels. 

Relevant policies and measures have been introduced to accelerate the development of LED lamps. Mass consumers have long been hungry for this new kind of environmentally friendly lighting. 

However, due to the high cost of investment in technology and promotion, the LED lighting products that make thousands of consumers have been waiting for have been out of reach, and have not been able to uncover its mysterious aristocratic veil!

With the reduction of technology and production costs of some domestic manufacturers, LED lighting is good but not the situation will change. Cheap and high-quality LED lighting products will bring revolutionary impact to China’s lighting industry and bring bright Gospel to the majority of consumers!

led corner lights


Led corn light bulbs are compact lamp bodies, suitable for domestic common lamp holders (E27 lamp holder, B22 lamp holder, E14 lamp holder), easy to install; have Fashionable style, sophisticated technology, product serialization, give full play to the led light source energy saving and environmental protection, do not produce any waste.


High energy saving: energy saving energy without pollution is environmental protection. Dc drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, The same lighting effect of LED corn light saves more than 80% energy than the traditional working light source.

Long life: LED light source is called longevity lamp, meaning never extinguished lamp. The solid cold light source, epoxy resin package, and lamp body is not loose part, and there is no filament light easy to burn, thermal deposition, light decay, and other shortcomings, led light works service life of up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source life.

More changes: LED light source with red, green, and blue three basic color principles, under the control of computer technology to make the three colors with 256 levels of gray and arbitrary mixing, can produce 256×256×256=16777216 colors, forming a combination of different light color changes, To achieve a variety of colorful dynamic effect and a variety of images, you can also choose a variety of colors instead of ordinary tungsten bulbs, higher brightness.

Environmental protection: Led work light is more environmentally friendly, with no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, neither heat, nor radiation, glare is small, and the waste can be recycled, no pollution and does not contain mercury elements, has a cold light source, can be safely touched, belongs to the typical green lighting source.

High-Tech: compared with the traditional monotonous lighting effects, the led light works source is low-pressure microelectronics products, successfully combine computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, etc., so also digital information technology products, semiconductor photoelectric device “high point” technology, the online programming, unlimited upgrade, the characteristics of flexible.


LED working light is well known for its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, but there are still some problems in LED itself, and Led corn light bulbs is no exception.led work lights despite many advantages. 

but is still in a very passive situation, high prices restrict its universality, which is very difficult to into the ordinary people in the home, second cooling is also a major problems of the lamps and lanterns, so want to let the led lamps and lanterns is popularized to reduce cost and solve the fever of lamps and lanterns is a key problem.

The industry for heat dissipation can be discussed from two aspects of heat conductivity and heat dissipation. Dr. Ye Shengwei, vice president of research and development of Guanpin Chemical Company, put forward a fundamental solution that is different from the general practice of the industry. 

Dr. Ye pointed out that if the following thermal resistance formula Rtotal=Rl-s+Rs+ RS-A is introduced, the total LED thermal resistance is the sum of the thermal resistance between the LED and the Substrate (Rl-s), plus the thermal resistance of the substrate (Rs) plus the thermal resistance of the substrate to the air end (RS-A).

The industry used MCPCB heat dissipation aluminum substrate is composed of the bottom aluminum block and the upper copper foil group, and the middle is filled with thermal Adhesive. How to better solve the problem of heat dissipation, this is still a problem worth studying.

led corner lights

In order to better solve the problem of heat dissipation, the corn lamp with aluminum body has been developed. Use aluminum for the lamp body, plus aluminum substrate. It can solve the problem of heat dissipation well, thus increasing the life of the lamp.

Energy and environment are the major tests facing human beings in the 21st century, so green energy saving has become the focus of the world’s attention. Taking lighting as an example, its electricity consumption accounts for about 20% of the total, and greatly reducing lighting electricity consumption is an important way to save energy.

 With its high efficiency and energy saving characteristics, LED has obtained unprecedented opportunities in the field of lighting. In the global energy shortage, environmental protection requirements under the condition of constantly improve, with high brightness led work lights lighting technology, long service life, show the advantages such as energy saving, green environmental protection.

Along with the rapid development of LED technology, LED, more and more closer to the time of a general lighting source, will become history after the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp lighting a new lighting revolution.

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