Mini Red Light Therapy Panel

Ⅰ.Product Introduction

Infrared physiotherapy refers to the use of infrared heating principle, through the skin, muscles, bones and nervous system physiotherapy, to achieve the purpose of disease treatment and health care. Infrared physiotherapy is a relatively old and very effective means of medical care. The infrared therapeutic device uses the effect of thermal radiation to heat different parts of the body to raise the temperature of the skin, and uses the generated heat to massage and hyperthermia the body. Infrared therapeutic apparatus has been widely used in medical treatment and daily life. Such as acupuncture, cupping, scraping, etc. There are also portable infrared therapy devices such as the Red Light therapy mini panel.

Red light physiotherapy mini panel is a new generation product improved by technology on the basis of traditional red light treatment equipment. Its structure and function is to use optical fiber as the medium, the wavelength of 660nm red light and wavelength of 850nm infrared light after modulation into the body, to achieve the purpose of physiotherapy. It has three characteristics: 1, small size, light weight; 2, the structure is simple and reliable, easy to use; 3, soft light, no dazzling, no damage to the skin. Red Light Physiotherapy Mini Panel is a small tool for skin treatment and health care. It is mainly composed of red light source and optical fiber. Optical fiber is a filament fabric made of glass or plexiglass. It consists of a number of short-wavelength red light sources, which are arranged parallel to each other in a plane, so that they can emit strong radiation for therapeutic purposes. The radiation intensity generated in a ring or ring within a certain irradiated distance is called the effective radiation range within the irradiated region. Because different wavelengths of red light (red) and the vibration frequencies of specific molecules in human tissues are very different, resulting in different vibration frequencies between molecules inside the organism and vibration. Thus can make cells and tissues resonance effect; Different wavelengths of red light also have different effects on human body in biological tissues. Free radicals and other metabolites such as lactic acid are produced in the cells of the body. At the same time, red light can induce corresponding changes in some biomolecules after irradiating into human tissues through specific band wavelength (namely red/green line), and these changes will cause corresponding changes in biomolecules, resulting in a series of metabolites and effects (namely active substances). These substances through the body metabolism in the blood, lymph increased content and with the blood circulation throughout the body to make a series of changes in body function. It has a great influence within a certain range.

Ⅱ.Functional Characteristics

Red light therapy mini panel is composed of infrared radiation source, electronic control technology (switch and control circuit) and optical fiber. Its characteristics are:

1, with high brightness, high quality infrared emission spectrum.

2, soft light, no dazzling, no damage to the skin.

3, the radiation intensity can be adjusted at will, so that the operator can grasp the therapeutic effect and intensity at any time.

  1. The irradiation time can be adjusted to facilitate the use of patients with different needs.

5, small and light, easy to carry.

  1. Stable light source, long irradiation time is not easy to heat (that is, safe and reliable).

7, small size, light weight, easy to operate and low maintenance costs.

8, easy to use, obvious therapeutic effect (that is, no side effects), no adverse reactions.

9, a wide range of application, especially children’s skin and mucous membrane diseases and a variety of skin diseases and arthritis of the prevention and treatment have a good effect.

10, the treatment is simple and easy to operate; Easy to use: the affected area can be irradiated for about 5-10 minutes to take effect (i.e. safe and reliable); No side effects: The use of this product can treat any skin diseases and arthritis and other diseases; Good curative effect and small side effects (i.e. non-toxic and harmless); Safety: no adverse reactions after irradiation; Simple operation: it can be used skillfully without the guidance of medical personnel (i.e. easy to operate); Easy to maintain: easy to operate and learn.

Ⅲ.Scope of application

Red light physiotherapy mini panel is suitable for the prevention and treatment of various skin diseases, arthritis, neck, shoulder, back and leg pain and other diseases.  Red light physiotherapy mini panel is mainly suitable for the prevention of the following diseases:

  1.  Tinea pedis: Patients suffering from skin diseases such as tinea pedis can use the red light physiotherapy mini panel for prevention and treatment.
  2.  Herpes zoster: It is a kind of viral infectious skin disease, mainly invading the epidermis or superficial layer of the human dermis, characterized by erythema, blisters and ulcers.  After shingles has healed, scars are left on the skin.  If the patient is found to have a blister on the skin similar to the shape of shingles, the red light therapy mini panel can be used for prevention and treatment.
  3.  Various skin diseases (including psoriasis, vitiligo, tinea body, tinea versicolor, etc.) : red light physiotherapy mini panel has obvious preventive and therapeutic effects on various skin diseases, especially on the treatment of various dermatitis.
  4.  Periarthritis of shoulder is a common chronic injury disease of the upper arm.  It is generally believed that the disease is caused by the rigidity and relaxation of fascia and joint ligament caused by long-term strain and muscle spasm.  The use of red light physiotherapy mini panel for prevention and treatment has a significant effect on relieving shoulder pain.
  5.  Neck, shoulder, back and leg pain: many parts of the human body will be damaged to varying degrees, such as the neck, shoulder or waist;  Limbs and other parts, etc.  Red light therapy mini panel for prevention and treatment can promote local blood circulation, eliminate pain and discomfort, accelerate metabolic function.
  6.  Back and leg pain: those who cause lower limb pain generally suffer from back and leg pain, especially elderly patients who are often accompanied by osteoporosis, hyperplasia of bone or arthritis and other diseases.  Red light physiotherapy mini panel has a good effect on effectively relieving symptoms.

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