What is dock light

In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese ports, the construction of ports in various parts of the country ushered in an upgrade, and this corresponded to the problem of energy tension, port enterprises have been energy consuming in the transportation industry, energy saving has become an important means for port enterprises to promote international competitiveness in the new era,LED port lights emerged.

In the traditional port lighting, the high pressure sodium lamp power in port area is mainly 400W and 1000W. As we all know, the disadvantage of high pressure sodium lamp is mercury pollution and high energy consumption. Working in this kind of environment for a long time, it is easy to produce fatigue.

It has poor color rendering and long start-up time. Low power factor, short life, generally about 10,000 hours, high maintenance cost. It has become inevitable to replace high pressure sodium lamp with LED port light.

The advantage of loading dock lights

Dock light port light has no strobe, no infrared ultraviolet, no radiation, high color and strong luminescence direction, and vibration resistance, can provide a comfortable light space, and can well meet the physical health needs of people, is a healthy light source to protect vision and environmental protection.

From the perspective of the environment,LED lamps have high luminous efficiency, do not contain mercury, sodium harmful elements, will not cause pollution to the environment, is more in line with green lighting products, has a good social effect.

Port LIGHTS produced by Shen Zhen Youlumi Co., Ltd., Ltd. are made of high-quality ceramic materials, independent pixel light points, better heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, long service life, strong and reliable. In the lighting effect comparison dock light lamps can be secondary light distribution, illuminance uniformity is far better than the high voltage nano lamp.

LED port light source utilization is high, about 90%,LED light luminescence Angle and luminaire luminescence Angle can be consistent. Therefore, most of the light of the lamp is directly illuminated to the designated area, only a small part is reflected, so the utilization of light source is high.

LED port light source utilization is high, about 90%,LED light luminescence Angle and luminaire luminescence Angle can be consistent. Therefore, most of the light of the lamp is directly illuminated to the designated area, only a small part is reflected, so the utilization of light source is high.

In general, high pressure sodium lamp is composed of trigger, ballast, fast plug, lamp port, lamp tube 5 parts, fault points, high frequency of damage, and easy to lead to lighting circuit power tripping after failure, affect the whole area of lighting.

Such failures occur almost every day in operations. At the same time, the dismantling, installation and maintenance of lamps and lanterns are high-altitude operations, with greater work intensity and risk. The use of LED port lights can not only reduce the frequency of maintenance, but also improve the safety of maintenance work and maintenance personnel.

With the development of LED lighting technology, I believe that in the near future, in the beautiful harbor, can see more soft and comfortable LED port lights.

Youlumi Led Lights

Shenzhen YouLumi Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED lighting product production, which integrates R & D, production, sales and after-sales service.Established in July 2012.With advanced management, high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. 

Youlumi has been recognized by the market;The company’s main products: LED Corn Lamp; LED String Light; Loading Dock Light;LED Work Light, LED Balloon Light; LED Space Light, etc.; 

Youlumi’s products have passed ETL, DLC, CE, ROHS, EUP, SASO and other international standards certification.YouLumi will continue to uphold the spirit of initiative and service first, with efficient and high-quality service, and work with our customers to open a new era for international green lighting.

Youlumi loading dock lights

YouLumi Series LED loading dock lights require 94% less electricity, and far less energy than traditional fixtures while accomplishing the same lighting task.

YouLumi Series LED dock lights combine energy savings with maintenance-free longevity and quality. Low maintenance costs coupled with our advanced thermal management techniques ensure the YouLumi Series will perform over time were many competing offerings will not.

YouLumi Series LED Loading Dock Lights deliver high-quality superior light over incandescent, quartz, or metal halide fixtures traditionally used in loading dock applications.

YouLumi Series fixtures are perfect for industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing Designed to illuminate tractor trailers up to 53 ft for loading and unloading Excellent for any application requiring long life and low maintenance costs 50,000 hrs LED life for using wet locations.

LED dock lights are specially designed and produced by our company for LED terminal lighting. Lamp, the lamp is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, after professional oxidation, polishing, and sandblasting technology treatment, all beautiful high-grade, no rust and no fade;

Thickened glass lens, high light transmittance, low light loss, better brightness, more uniform and soft light; Adopting energy-saving optimal drive design, intelligent IC chip control circuit, more stable quality, more secure, longer life.

According to the lighting requirements of loading lights, the product has the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness, uniform and fast heat dissipation, high efficiency, ease to use, etc. High color rendering index is helpful to improve people’s recognition ability.

It completely solves the problem that incandescent lamp is easy to burn at low temperature and energy-saving lamp starts slowly at low temperature and provides great convenience for LED loading lamp customers.

Specific as follows:

1、Heavy Duty LED Lamp Head (Frosted glass)

Virtually indestructible! The Dock light is designed for the most demanding environments including wet and damp locations.

warehouse lighting
  • 4 different wattage’sto suit your needs.
  • IP65 rated light head; dust tight and able to withstand water spray
  • IK08 rugged cast aluminum housing and thick tempered glass, with heavy duty crash-proof lamp cover prevents from accidental impact.
  • 94% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb, yet provides almost 1800 ~ 6000 lumens of light
  • Over 50,000 hour life expectancy in typical applications
  • available for 120V, 240V & low voltage applications
  • ETL, CE
  • 5-Year Warranty

2、Heavy Duty LED Lamp Head (Clear glass)

  • Frosted tempered glass is Better anti glare, more comfortable to use
  • Clean tempered glass is Perfect optical cup design,Better focus, Farther away Yellow powder coated for high visibility and excellent corrosion resistance The manual adjustment screws’ design lets you easily adjust the angle of the light head without using tools
  • You can not only control the light by a wall switch, but also by manual control thanks to the switch on the back of the light.
specifications of dock light fixtures

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